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2020.12.04 08:38 decryptor655 For the first time i have no black screens ever, this is how it worked. (5700-XT)

For the first time i have no black screens ever, this is how it worked. (5700-XT)
So i have owned my gigabyte Aorus 5700-XT since Dec 2019, i have never encountered a single stable driver revision until now.

I run this monitor: Samsung LC24RG50FQUXEN 24" CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor 144Hz, FreeSync, FullHD, 2 x HDMI 1 x Displayport, Black: Computers & Accessories

I use DisplayPort.

I had attempted everything that people suggested to no avail, but suddenly it worked. What did i do differently this time?

So i downloaded 20.11.2 i instead of installing it traditionally, i allowed it to extract to C:\AMD
I then manually installed the display driver on it's own with nothing else and my card works.
I then deleted everything but the driver files for the GPU and i have never had a single black screen since.

The only game i have had problems with though is Borderlands 3 but i got a refund as it was only this game causing crashes and there were others having major problems with it too.

I found that just browsing Steam with my browser open (Edge) a black screen was basically expected.
No Radeon software, just the driver.
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2020.12.04 07:41 EvanDeadlySins Live NJPW World Tag League 2020 Day 8 Discussion Thread: Tanahashi/Henare vs. Shingo/SANADA

For the first time ever, NJPW will concurrently run their annual Best of the Super Juniors and World Tag League tournaments. Day 1, and the last two days, will have cards featuring both tournaments, while all other days will alternate while the participants in the opposite tournament take the day off. Both tournaments are single-block round robin with 2 points for match winners, and 1 point for draws. The top two entrants will compete again in the Final matches on December 12th!
Start Time
Pacific USA Eastern USA UK Central Europe Japan East Australia
Dec 4 1:30AM Dec 4 4:30AM Dec 4 9:30AM Dec 4 10:30AM Dec 4 6:30PM Dec 4 8:30PM
  • NJPW World costs 999 Yen (~$9 / £7) per month to purchase, PayPal or Credit Card only. The show will be live-streamed and archived.
  • Only live Japanese commentary available. An English commentary version will be uploaded within the week.
  • Note: This event will have a reduced attendance capacity to comply with social distancing regulations. Also, to reduce emission of aerosols, attendees were instructed not to cheer loudly.
Match Card
Match Notes Time Limit
Satoshi Kojima & Tomoaki Honma vs. Yota Tsuji & Gabriel Kidd Tag Team Match 20
Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. [8] vs. Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens [4] World Tag League Match 30
Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI [8] vs. EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi [6] World Tag League Match 30
Juice Robinson & David Finlay [8] vs. Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano [10] World Tag League Match 30
Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb [8] vs. Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa [8] World Tag League Match 30
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toa Henare [2] vs. Shingo Takagi & SANADA [8] World Tag League Match 30
World Tag League Standings
CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano) 10
Los Ingobernables de Japon (Shingo Takagi & SANADA) 8
Dangerous Tekkers (Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr.) 8
The Empire (Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb) 8
Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) 8
FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) 8
CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI) 8
Bullet Club (EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi) 6
Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens) 4
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toa Henare 2
Useful Links


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2020.12.04 06:50 Dezkin Daily COVID-19 Report for Clark County - Thursday, Dec 3rd

Clark County COVID-19 positives as of Thursday, Dec 3rd:
121,863, ⬆️1854 from 120,009 (12/2)
16-day tracking estimates:
Current # COVID-19 in ICU:
# COVID-19 on ventilator:
# Staffed ICU beds inventory: 772 (12/2)
# Staffed inpatient beds inventory: 5159 (12/2)
% Staffed beds occupied: 81% (12/2)
# Licensed inpatient beds inventory: 4686 (12/2)
% Licensed beds occupied: 89% (12/2)
# Ventilators available: 570 (12/2)
# Ventilators in use: 392 (12/2)
# Ventilators inventory: 962 (12/2)
SNHD reports 84.6% (103,110, ⬆️1594 from 101,516 (12/2)) of cases have recovered.
Total Hospitalized: 7094*, ⬆️60 from 7034 (12/2)
*Hospitalized excludes deaths
Total Deaths: 1817, ⬆️18 from 1799 (12/2)
(1293 with underlying medical conditions)
Not mutually exclusive conditions:
Positive Results Age Range Breakdown:
MIS-C Cases 19
Hospitalized Age Range Breakdown:
Deaths Age Range Breakdown:
Test result average turnaround time average is about 2 to 3 days, due to high volume demand.
Expect holiday case report delays. "Daily case counts reflect newly reported cases and may represent cases that were tested in the preceding days, which could significantly impact the count on days when a relatively large number of laboratory reports arrive in one day." SNHD confirmed they are not counting COVID-19 antibody positives into their COVID-19 positive case counts.
Majority of information is pulled from Southern Nevada Health District's COVID-19 dashboard and historical reports.
Our positives are increasing about 1400/day, our recovery rate has decreased (80+% range), yet our hospitalizations remain steady. Protect our vulnerable and continue to practice good hygiene habits, including wearing a mask to prevent asymptomatic spread as mandated by Governor Sisolak (onus is on businesses, which we want to keep open, but Metro will not enforce it; OSHA is responsible for mask enforcement by fining the business). To report a non-compliant business through the state, call (702) 486-9020 or (775) 688-3700.
Doctors are doing convalescent plasma therapy treatments and are seeking plasma donors to help those in need. One plasma donation can help five patients. Blood donors can get the antibodies testing done for free.
FDA states 144 trials of therapeutics are underway to treat COVID-19. 457 more are in planning stages. Remdesivir has been FDA approved as a COVID-19 treatment (10/22). Despite recent studies showing that Remdesivir do not help in preventing COVID-19 deaths. Dexamethaaone and Regeneron's antibody cocktail (REGEN-COV2) are FDA approved for emergency based use. Eli Lilly's antibody treatment, bamlanivimab, receives emergency FDA approval (11/9).
Nevada has been approved for the 24-hour test procedure. FDA has approved a 30-minute and a 5-minute testing procedures. UNLV provides the main COVID-19 testing services. The first at-home testing kit was FDA approved on 5/15.
If you live within a 1-mile range of the Wal-Mart on Craig Rd, you qualify for a drone-delivered test kit to your front or back door.
Some testing sites require an appointment; some may need to be scheduled by your primary care physician or another authorized provider.
More test sites will open throughout December:
Drive-thru testing at Texas Station reopened on 11/13. 8am to 4pm, Thursday thru Monday. No appointment needed, results in 24 to 48hrs (setup your MyChart app account; 3 business day process).
City Serve coordinates testing sites throughout the valley. Testing is only on Saturdays. Schedule a no-cost test here:
The antibodies test was approved by the FDA a month ago. UMC, E7 Health and local laboratories are able to conduct antibodies testing. Cost is normally $149+, but your insurance may reimburse you for the test. Check your coverage first. Vitalant/Universal Blood Services will do a free antibody test for any eligible donors.
UMC is able to process 4,000 tests per day. It is encouraged for anyone to be tested. Symptoms are no longer required. Appointment is preferred, walk-up testing is available.
UMC's testing sites are inside Stan Fulton Building and Cashman Field Center. They can do 1,200 tests per day, Tues-Sat 8am to 4pm. No symptoms, insurance, or citizenship required for testing. Schedule an appointment online through UMC's website ( A staff member will contact you back to schedule your appointment. According to their reps, there is no limit how often you can get tested. Sites are walk-in, appointment or walk-up. Both sites now use the self-nasal swab test kits.
UMC updates COVID-19 test guidelines:
New guidelines are to save test kits for those exhibiting symptoms.
See all testing locations on the SNHD website.
All CVS pharmacy drive-thru locations also does testing, no cost should be associated with this test. Validate with your insurance. If no insurance, there should be no charge. Requires an appointment scheduled.
Six months ago, the first vaccine was tested. More than 160 vaccine prototypes are being tested. Clinical trials of the vaccine were administered three months ago. Phase 1 & 2 of trial vaccines have completed with positive antibody results. Phase 3 clinical trials started with 30k volunteers; large test size of 3k vaccine test trials in the UK. Africa started their vaccine trials four months ago. Multiple sources stating to expect an FDA approved vaccine by beginning of next year.
Of the 100+ vaccines submitted, 22 have made the cut to go through testing and final FDA approval phases (5/15 briefing). The front runner vaccine is conducting human trails (Phase 3 aka final stage), completion date is pending. AstraZeneca is prepared to produce 2 billion doses once the vaccine is FDA approved. Pfizer claims their vaccine is more than 95% effective; goal end of the year. Moderna vaccine claims about 94.5% effective. Expected US authorization for Pfizer and Moderna along with distribution approval is expected within 24hrs of regulatory approval (note: they currently have 20M doses ready; vaccine is a two stage dose). Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is 70% to 90% effective based on dosage program (single versus duo).
US government is working with four vaccine manufacturers who are in the final phases of vaccine trials, all prepared for massive vaccine output once FDA approval is given. Worldwide, six are in Phase III.
Phase 3 vaccine trials for Vegas has started. Volunteers can call 702-893-8968. Must be 18+. Administered by the Wake Clinical Research Center of Nevada. Source.
Remain mindful to give our medical community the ability to focus on those in need of their expertise to survive and combat the virus.
For Nevada COVID-19 metrics, with historical spreadsheet and graph data, visit: The Nevada Independent Coronavirus Tracking or check out the link in our side bar.
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2020.12.04 06:20 miguelluis0582 Why You Should Try New Activities With A British Escort

Who said that you have to resort to a conventional way of conducting an activity? Who said that you cannot stray from the path laid by the conventional method of having fun? Who said that you have to just engage in having sex with British escorts?
When it comes to hiring an escort, many clients tend to avoid the possibility of engaging in multiple activities. There may be many reasons why it can happen, one may not know the possibility of having other engaging activities, one may not want to engage in other activities than fornication.
Whatever it may be, one must take the initiation to venture out of their little world to experience the realm that lies outside the boundary of conventionalities. Only then will one be able to understand the potential that new activities hold in the life of a person. If you are still not convinced, then let us show you why you should try new things with an escort.

Reasons why you should engage in new activities with a high-class escort in Birmingham:

When one asks about the importance of engaging in new activities, one must take it in mind that on the other side of the realm studded with conventional methods of fun, lies a future that could usher you with a maximized amount of sensation.
There are many reasons why one should think of engaging in new activities with British Pakistani escorts. It will give you an ample amount of opportunity where you can think and concur. So let's begin with the reasons why you indulge in new activities.
We have all been there when we were afraid to take a ride on the roller coaster. After a long session of prodding and begging to be saved out of this pure horror, it turns out to be something that you never expected.
The sensation that one gains out of this is purely exciting, thrilling, and exhilarating. Similarly, engaging in new activities with an escort will help you be swayed in the world of exhilaration, excitement, and thrill by taking one single ride.
Who wants the same old thing, right? The same old process of engaging in sexual activity with a high class escort in Birmingham is nothing but a waste. Why? Because you would not be utilizing the ability of a high-class escort as their knowledge, in-depth ability, and the methods of conducting any task are not only exceptional but beautiful too.
These high-class escorts are capable of handling any situation. So no matter which activity you choose, you will be able to extract fun out of it fully. And, other than that, you should utilize the usefulness of the high-class escort to maximize the level of cosmic sensation.
The best thing about going astray out of the conventional methods of engaging in activities with British Pakistani escorts is that it will provide you with the freedom to go out of your way and to make your dreams come true. However, make sure that your plan does not go against the task description of the escort to maintain the ethics of the conduct.
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2020.12.04 06:01 taknettik I (26M) want to leave my girlfriend (25F) but our 2 children and our life we built is my reason to stay.

I (26 Male) have been with my girlfriend (25 female) for 4 and a half years. We have a 3 year old and another one on the way. I was happy in the first year, despite her personality which i thought would get better with time (unsurprisingly, it didn't). Now I want out. I need to get out.
She can be unwilling to try new things, very possessive and jealous with me, her overreaction to simple things can cause a huge argument and the effects of those arguments can have lasting effects. She has ruined some friendships of mine both male and female. I can admit I can be the bad guy sometimes. I can be a solid rock of a person, showing no emotion and no interest. At times I can be an ass. And honestly I don't find myself to be much of a loving person and I don't and never saw myself with this person (my gf). It didn't stop me from making her feel comfortable and looking out for her throughout the years. But I tried my best to make it work. But while i'm being honest, I did cheat in our second year together with a roommate we charged an apartment with. I came clean to her but we worked it out. That may be why she doesn't trust me with other women as friends.
I just found us to be incompatible. I found myself to be unhappy in the relationship. My intelligence and willing to try harder to achieve goals is not matched by her. I find myself making all the big decisions and steering us to a happy middle class life. I do feel i would be far ahead in life without her. That in no way should reflect my view on my children with her. I love my kids, I would do anything for them. Even taking their mother back after several break ups. This last time I begged for her back I ask her to change for the better. I wanted us to work it out and be a family because I thought thats what i was supposed to do. But... Her attitude, flaws in personality, problem solving and overall drive to do anything to better herself have not changed one bit. When I bring up my unhappiness or reasons why I drink to her she gets defensive and blames me for why she acts the way she does. Everything is my fault. I think she may be right in some instances but dealing with myself will be a whole lot better alone.
Here's why I want to leave. It's more a need. I find myself drinking a lot when we are together and living together. I drink almost 5 nights a week. I am sure it's because I am unhappy, unhealthy, and loath my life. We have an apartment together, we just got a brand new car (our 2nd) together. I used to go the gym all the time when i was single. But with her, her presence somehow takes out all the joy, motivation and life of my environment. I been contemplating suicide. Going as far as to find easy painless ways of death online. I often day dream of packing my bags or disappearing or just not existing anymore. At least when i'm dead I won't feel this way anymore. That's just how I think.
I know you think i'm a terrible person, and I will 100% agree with you. I won't doubt it. In fact I ask for your validation so I can plan my escape. I know if I leave she will pin child support, try to drain me of any freedom both financially and mentally. She can be the most pettiest person in other ways after a break up. I find that she cares a lot about her self image on social media. She would do and say anything to protect herself. After our infamous break ups she would post non stop about how much of a terrible person I was and I hardly said anything in defense. Honestly though, I don't care anymore. She could berate me all she wants I just want out of this relationship and even this life of mines. I want to be me again.
I have been planning a lone trip to the UK sometime next year. I sometimes think how nice it would be to never come home. To find a nice spot to end myself and be at peace at last. Thats just me though. I'm too chicken shit to off myself.
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2020.12.04 05:16 1plus6is7 It has been 15 days since I tested positive for COVID, and I have some questions about long-term symptoms.

14/11 - Exposure to COVID, I start to quarantine
19/11 - First major symptoms: Fever, cough, throat pain, fatigue. I get my test done
21/11 - Test comes back positive. Fever starts to go away too. Still coughing extensively and extreme throat pain.
25-27/11 - Throat pain gets much better, coughing slows down drastically
29/11 - By this point, I have no symptoms except for a very slight cough
4/12 - It's been 10 days+ since my symptoms started, and that's usually when people get free from isolation. However, I am still coughing slightly here and there. I have no other symptoms. I am wondering if this is COVID, or just a cough since it's getting pretty cold and dusty here (I usually get a cough in the winters anyways).
If my continued slight coughing is an effect from COVID, do I have to still isolate from everyone? Am I still contagious? I know that you can show up as positive months after recovery, but is there a test to show whether you have recovered and are no longer contagious or not?
This NHS article states that coughing can last for weeks after COVID recovery, and need not delay freedom from isolation. However, since it is just a single line stating it, I am still sceptical if this is true or not. Can anyone else confirm with another source?
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2020.12.04 05:15 1plus6is7 It has been 15 days since I tested positive for COVID, and I have some questions about long-term symptoms.

14/11 - Exposure to COVID, I start to quarantine
19/11 - First major symptoms: Fever, cough, throat pain, fatigue. I get my test done
21/11 - Test comes back positive. Fever starts to go away too. Still coughing extensively and extreme throat pain.
25-27/11 - Throat pain gets much better, coughing slows down drastically
29/11 - By this point, I have no symptoms except for a very slight cough
4/12 - It's been 10 days+ since my symptoms started, and that's usually when people get free from isolation. However, I am still coughing slightly here and there. I have no other symptoms. I am wondering if this is COVID, or just a cough since it's getting pretty cold and dusty here (I usually get a cough in the winters anyways).
If my continued slight coughing is an effect from COVID, do I have to still isolate from everyone? Am I still contagious? I know that you can show up as positive months after recovery, but is there a test to show whether you have recovered and are no longer contagious or not?
This NHS article states that coughing can last for weeks after COVID recovery, and need not delay freedom from isolation. However, since it is just a single line stating it, I am still sceptical if this is true or not. Can anyone else confirm with another source?
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2020.12.04 03:34 Alone-Ear1112 [Recommendations] 28E/30DD, gaping/wrinkling at top of cups

Hey fellow bra-wearers! Really hoping you guys can point me in the right direction because I'm starting to get a little disheartened.
Measurements (in): 28/27.5/26/33/34/32, ABTF calc gives 28E (UK) /30DD. Shape: center full (pinkie width apart, leaning front view is legit like: bd ), some projection (?), slightly more FoT but might also be even?
Bras I've tried include: Panache Tango Plunge 28E - gore really dug in, cups were wrinkly, material was scratchy, and it gave me serious cone boob. Cleo Hettie 30DD, Panache Envy 30DD, Freya Daisy Lace 28E & 30DD, Curvy Kate Ellace Balcony 30DD all had gores that were way too high and painful (Hettie was the worst). After the 'ole swoop & scoop it looked like I filled the cups ok but within a few minutes there was gaping and wrinkles at the top. Except for the Freyas, never even got close to the top of the cup w/ those. Also tried a Scantilly Surrender 30DD because it was a plunge but there's at least half an inch of space between my breast tissue and the cups even after some serious swoop & scoop.
The best fits have been Panache Ana 30DD (had very slight wrinkling on the sides and the gore felt better, but still pinched a bit after ~9-10 hours of wear) and Panache Clara 30D - not a typo, accidentally ordered the wrong size but it ended up being one of my better fits? There's a single fold at the bottom of the cups and the gore doesn't tack (on breast tissue but not painful) but otherwise no issues even after a few hours.
Needless to say it took me longer than it should have to realize that higher gores are not for me. I do have some more bras in 28E on the way but not holding out much hope for those either. Confused about where to go from here and really appreciate any insight/recs for what to try next!
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2020.12.04 02:57 FruityCables Fibre Optic Patch Cables - Singlemode & Multimode

Fibre Optic Patch Cables - Singlemode & Multimode
Fibre optic cable with reliable quality is critical for your network performance. Single mode patch cable and multimode patch cable each has unique pros and cons and different using scenarios.
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2020.12.04 02:47 burnshow wow

This is....crazy.
Saturday you were suicidal. I spent the next 48 hours obsessively checking my phone to see if you'd responded, wondering if I should call law enforcement to do a welfare check. I've been there, in that suicidal headspace, several times. I would never wish it on anyone. I was upset, when you seemed to 'just forget' to respond to me, as though I wasn't important enough to you to let me know you were ok. You have still not explained why you did that.
Now, just 5 days later, you are lashing out at me/doubling down/giving me the silent treatment for catching you in a lie and calling you out on it. What else am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just let you keep deceiving me and twisting my words to suit whatever your own purposes are, regardless of who it hurts or what damage it does? Do you like it when your own words are twisted? Do you like it when you're ignored as punishment?
How can you be in a decent long term relationship without allowing your partner to check you/call you out when you need it? How is anyone able to give you any sort of critical feedback in your life, if it's not your idea first? I guess people just don't do that with you because they're scared you'll act like this in response? How are you going to get better through therapy if you can't handle hearing anyone say anything but nice things about you?
I don't know what's happened to you. I don't recall you being like this when we dated in high school. I realize we've had 15 years to become different humans, but I guess I always dreamed we'd just both become better versions of what we were, and still be able to eventually be together like we were supposed to. I didn't account for.....this. I didn't account for you to loathe me so much that you would treat me this way.
I've done everything I can to be the best version of myself for you, to try to help make this (what I thought we both wanted) finally work. Nobody deserves to be outright ignored, repeatedly, for 2 months solid, when they ask for simple needs, like a direct conversation. Nobody deserves to have to play guessing games instead, when they state repeatedly they don't like them and would rather just have a regular dialogue.
I know you are not this way at your core. At your core is where I love you, the you that is whole, open, and sweet; willing to take risks, in life and in love, with the one who loves you the most and always will. I do believe that that part of you exists, and is here presently. I believe this because I can still feel my heart ache the same way it did for you 15 years ago. Perhaps it's fueled by your (supposed, because you've never actually spoken to me to directly confirm) letters, which helped so much to keep motivating me to work at keeping you in my life now. I hope, very much, that your words in those letters were true. But I realize it's possible they're not. Fuck. Fuck, that is a horrible thing to consider if they weren't your truth. Fuck.
For myself, I hate unsent letters. I truly believe if you have something important to say to someone, you should just say it to them. If someone ends up upset, have a dialogue about it afterward to help clarify, apologize, whatever. You can rest assured that every word I've written here has been for you. I have meant for you to have, read, consume every single one. Did what I write I make you sad, happy, angry? Ask me about it. I want to talk about it. Even my comments; they've been intended to show you something I thought you should know about me, that I'd so badly wanted to tell you privately, but gave up on hoping for that dialogue. I introduced the unsent letters sub as a last ditch effort to try to help you to take baby steps toward feeling comfortable enough to converse with me directly. It didn't work. Now it's just another tool for you to twist and manipulate reality into something that crushes me and serves you. I didn't realize how perfect a platform it was for that.
I would still like for you to send me a direct message, to this username, if the person behind the screen is the you from my immutable-love-heart, and not this other stranger. I had lots of things to say and to ask my sweet immutable-love-you, about your life now, and about goals and ideas and timelines for a future together. I wanted to share with you what some research says about couples who reunite later in life. I wanted a lot of things. We can discuss what I've written, or what you've written. We can talk about whatever you'd like.
If I don't hear from you, I will take that for what it is: your refusal to respect and fulfill a basic need of mine, your wish to not reunite, and your disregard for my heartbreak. But at least perhaps the hurting in my heart for you will eventually dampen somewhat. I won't continue to contact you; I don't wish to harass those who are loathe to interact with me.
Please come back to me someday, when you can open yourself and your heart fully to me again. Please be safe, listen to your heart, make the right choices, and fully love those in your life who love you. I love you, and I always will.
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2020.12.04 02:24 Aulon Searching for a single din radio with an integrated screen (excluding flip-ups)

Porsche recently unveiled their new PCCM retrofits for older vehicles; I'd like a similar theme in my NB Miata.
Specifically I've been looking for a single din with a small screen for album art (bonus if android auto is implemented).
The closest thing I've found is this JVC KD-X561DBT however reviewers stated the phone must be connected via USB to show album art and the sound quality is likely a step down.
Is anyone aware of a better alternative to the JVC unit? Can the PCCM unit be modified to fit into my car instead?
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2020.12.04 02:05 SeriouslyBailey Advice For A Novice Drinker? How to Pick Up On Flavours/Scents Easier?

Hi! Mid-20s UK drinker here. Fell in love with bourbon over the last 6 months or so, started off with cheap supermarket bourbons at first but recently branching out via buying online.
Have tried various Jim Beams, Buffalo Trace, Bulleit and have just got a Jim Beam Single Barrel. I really enjoyed Buffalo Trace so ordered a bottle of Eagle Rare. Didn't like Bulleit as much so avoiding high rye content for now.
Any tips when it comes to picking up scents, flavours, etc? I can pick up on some smells but I can't pick up on the flavours as easily. Is this just something that comes with time and experience? Or am I doing something wrong?
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2020.12.04 00:35 AllThingsArb Northern Powergrid energises fleet with £1.75m investment in Versalift-equipped Mercedes-Benz Unimogs to support customers

Northern Powergrid energises fleet with £1.75m investment in Versalift-equipped Mercedes-Benz Unimogs to support customers
The vehicles, which represent an investment of £1.75 million by Northern Powergrid, were supplied by specialist Dealer South Cave Tractors, of Brough, East Yorkshire. All are U5023 UHE Extreme Off-road Unimog models, and fitted with Versalift hydraulic access equipment.
They are used by highly trained teams at Northern Powergrid responsible for the repair and replacement of overhead electricity lines suspended from wooden poles across the electricity distributor’s network. Each lift has a ‘basket’ big enough to accommodate two engineers working at a height of up to 20 metres.
Northern Powergrid is a long-established Unimog customer – its latest are the subject of a fully serviced contract hire agreement with sister company Vehicle Lease & Service (VLS). Representatives of both worked closely with their counterparts from South Cave Tractors and Versalift in drawing up the specifications, and as a result the finished vehicles are perfectly tailored to their role.
Expert members of the South Cave Tractors and Versalift teams also delivered comprehensive handover sessions at Northern Powergrid’s training centre near Leeds, during which they provided operating teams with detailed introductions to the chassis and ancillary equipment.
Alistair Walton, Programme Manager – Overhead Lines for Northern Powergrid’s South Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire region, said: “These vehicles are deployed daily across our operations and are used by our teams of Overhead Linesmen to access wood pole overhead power lines which can carry anything from 240 to 66,000 volts.
“Many of these are in difficult-to-reach locations but the Unimog’s fantastic off-road capability allows us to traverse the most challenging of terrains. The access platform’s 20-metre maximum reach, meanwhile, represents a big improvement on the 15 metres achieved by the vehicles we were using previously for the same task.
“While considering the design we also asked our teams for their input and as a result have included extras like heated lockers and additional working lights, which will be a great help if they are called out at night or in difficult weather conditions to restore power for our customers.”
All Unimogs have 4×4 chassis with single rear wheels, while gross weights vary from 7.5 to 16.5 tonnes. Ultra-high mobility variants like Northern Powergrid’s U5023s – which are rated at 12.7 tonnes GVW – offer unrivalled traction thanks to their strong yet torsionally flexible frame and a torque tube suspension system that provides extreme levels of axle articulation.
The U5023 is powered by a 5.1-litre four-cylinder engine producing 170 kW (230hp). Standard equipment includes the innovative Central Tyre Inflation system, which allows the driver to drop the pressures from the cab when the vehicle is off-road. In addition to increasing grip, this also brings an environmental benefit by minimising damage to the ground. Tyres can then be reinflated when back on a hard surface for greater safety and fuel efficiency at normal road speeds.
In addition to its impressive maximum height, the Versalift LT-56-NE telescopic boom offers a nine-metre outreach, which allows engineers to overcome obstacles when accessing overhead lines. Each basket will lift up to 230 kg.
VLS Commercial Manager Justin Bower commented: “These are highly specialised vehicles and with its unique set of capabilities the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is by a long margin the best base chassis for such a demanding application.
“Its off-road ability is legendary, of course. No less important, though, given that these vehicles can be called upon at any time of the day or night, and in all weathers, is the superb, and well proven reliability of the chassis and the access platforms.
“The first-class customer service we receive from South Cave Tractors and Versalift is another major benefit – we’ve been working with both for around 20 years now, and have developed excellent professional relationships.”
Northern Powergrid manages the electricity network that powers everyday life for eight million customers across 3.9 million homes and businesses, and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “Now more than ever our customers need us and recognise the essential role we play in powering their homes, businesses, local hospitals and communities,” added Alistair Walton.
“This significant investment in these hugely capable vehicles demonstrates our commitment to being there for our customers and ensuring our teams have what they need to work safely, quickly and efficiently to keep the power flowing and respond to any electrical emergencies.”

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2020.12.04 00:34 Maddox_Hendrick_Lake The Price of Attrition, Chapter XVI, Part I

For perhaps the first time, I was grateful to wake up next to Káralu. Not that I didn’t like him. I didn’t know what to feel about him, really. But, I hadn’t had a dream like that in a few weeks, and I still had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach after I woke up. Whatever I felt about him, I was really, really enjoying this whole homoerotic male affection thing that he and his people had going on. About a third of the time we had spent walking the day before, we had spent walking while holding hands or with our arms around each other’s shoulders, but it was also normal for guys to just cuddle up on one another. They’d come up and hug each other from behind, they’d lay their heads on each other’s shoulders, lay in each other’s laps, they would even spoon. At the same time, the additional physical affection made me feel confused, because I felt close to him in ways I had never felt with any of my other friends, despite only having known him a few weeks. Was he my friend, or… was he something else? I was certainly beginning to feel like there was more to this than just ‘friendship’. But then, had I also not been ‘more than friends’ with Matt? The thought of him seemed so distant now, somehow. That morning, I woke up with my head nestled on Káralu’s chest, holding him close as our legs intertwined. It normally would’ve felt super gay to me, especially cuz we were both naked under our thin woolen blankets. At the time however, I was a little confused as to what ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ even meant, especially after our conversation the day before. Were those real categories, or were they the products of a very specific place and time?I mean, I’d never had an even remotely sexual dream about a girl, not even once. And yet, now that I was exploring my sexuality with guys, I dreamt that I was about to get lucky with one. The boner I was sporting in the dream was real too, even if the whole thing had ended horribly.
Maybe it was because we hadn’t handled business the night before? Come to think of it, the last time we had had been out at sea. Everything had picked up so quickly after our little visit to the ‘workhouse’ that there hadn’t really been time to. See, that place was apparently a sort of temp office, as the general purpose was to connect residents who were without permanent work with temporary work. It was a hotspot for the Kṣalar of course because they didn’t live permanently anywhere, but also for the homeless, for orphans, and of course for migrants, which is what all the White folks were. Prassians and Tags I was told were from further north, but those poorer members of society would try to make it south… far to the south, to the eştradûmes. Initially, I was confused as to what that word meant, because it literally translated to ‘away-home’, and so the first thing that came to mind was a halfway house, for some reason. However, upon further explanation from Káralu I learned that these were far away colonies of the Prassian Republic. Most of the people we saw were single mothers and their children, orphans, runaways, and other kinds of delinquents that were trying to ‘make it big’ some place else.
The office itself however was not run by locals, but rather a group of people the Kṣalar referred to as the Kurimbirdir, or an Urimbirdi in the singular. Káralu explained to me the day before that the Kurimbirdir were once Kṣalar themselves, but were now very focused on integration into the Prassian Republic, hence why they didn’t dress like the Kṣalar or use Kṣalar names. More importantly, they were known to set up temp offices in various ports that the Kṣalar frequented. Apparently, while the Kṣalar considered them to be a different ethnic group entirely, the Kurimbirdir didn’t see it that way at all, and rather wanted to help those people that they perceived to be their own get a leg up so that they could one day join them in their own ‘free cities’, either within the borders of the Prassian Republic proper or away down south in the colonies. So, that especially dark guy who had said they were going to ‘have fun’ with me? His name was Dandron, and he was apparently an Urimbirdi. He wasn’t just any Urimbirdi however, but rather Nariṣanka and company’s contact in Keiltsiyuk. The other Kurimbirdir had gotten sick of the fact that Nariṣanka and the men of his clan were very overt with their lack of intent to give up their traditional lifestyle, and so generally tried to avoid staffing them.
Dandron was excited to see me because—according to him and everyone else—he would be able to place me at a number of different kinds of jobs that the Kṣalar would normally be turned away for. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was because he thought I was really handsome. He made a number of comments about my appearance that made me feel… uncomfortable. He said I was ‘pretty’, and he said that ‘with skin like that’ I’d be lots of people’s first pick. Even after our little interaction with the Taggish kid, it didn’t occur to me that he was referring to my skin tone… I don’t know… maybe on account of how he prefaced it by calling me ‘pretty’. Anyways, further explanation revealed that it was the fact that I was visibly not one of the Kṣalar, and specifically that I was White, that made me more employable. In fact, he actually had a job for me as soon as we walked in that he talked about being afraid of having to pass along to one of his coworkers until he saw me. The job was for painting the wall of a house in a wealthier neighborhood between Keiltsiyuk and Beltzarka called Vičkeviuk, which, despite its apparently Olarindian name (I was noticing a general trend in place names ending in -uk or -iuk), was ethnically mixed, with rich Sarts making up the primary component.
There were precious few horses available for rent in the stables, and the ones that were available went to the married men, so Káralu and I had had to walk a fair distance—at least a few miles—almost entirely up hill. Between that and the initial work of paddling our way through the treacherous Bay of Keiltsiyuk, we were more than beat by the end of the day, and we crashed after having set up a simple shelter in the woods. As much as I wanted to enjoy another mutual jerk session with him however, the sun was now up, and I really didn’t understand their methods of keeping time yet. Something about notches and measurements of water? Whatever. We needed to get up, so I sat up and started to shake him awake. He moaned softly and stretched his arms behind his head, and then curled up in the fetal position and rolled over.
“Káralu, ṣen, ṣen!” I said, gently nudging his back.
I was pretty sure that meant wake up in Kṣalarpa. He wasn’t having it, though. I tried shaking him harder, but he was out cold. Perhaps it was earlier than I thought it was? I was definitely used to knowing the time, and during the summer I was used to sleeping in hours after sunrise, which I was able to make happen by keeping the curtains of my room closed. Here however, my body had gotten back on a more natural circadian rhythm, and I would often wake up a couple of times in the early morning at the first sign of light. If the rules of time still worked the same or even similarly, then summer time meant that the sun was going to start rising just before six o’clock, and that it would be done by seven. I didn’t know how long the sun had been up of course, but the more I got a feel for the temperature, the more I realized that it probably hadn’t been long. Maybe there was time for a little fun? We had fooled around a couple of times by now, but I was still unsure as to how to initiate anything, since he was always the one to get things started. So, I just sort of nervously laid back down and reached over and started rubbing his shoulders. At first he didn’t seem to mind, but as I kept going he started to squirm and eventually woke up. “What time is it?” He asked, rolling over and still half asleep.
“I don’t know.” I shrugged, “Early, I think.”
“I forgot, you don’t know anything…” He smiled, his eyes still half closed, “You’re like a child. I have to teach you everything.”
He sat up and lifted the side of our makeshift tent up to have a look outside.
“We need to go.” He said, reaching for his pants.
I knew he never jerked off in the morning, but I thought it was at least worth a shot. I laid back down and stretched my arms behind my shoulders, trying to put myself on display. He looked down at me and smiled again, and then he leaned in for a kiss, sliding his hand down my chest and stomach. He grasped my dick as it rested against my stomach, still hard as a rock, and gave it light a squeeze. I felt a sudden surge as it began to leak ever so slightly. Then, without warning, he let go and slapped my stomach so hard it made me jump and gasp at the same time. He moved to put his pants on, “Let’s go, Mirċya.” He laughed. I was more than a little upset, so I pushed him out of the tent and through his clothes at him while I got dressed. My dick was still aching for release, but the day had started, and I was just going to have to let matters subside. He told me to quit acting like a girl, and I told him to fuck himself and got dressed.
Prior to my exorcism, I had been saying my morning prayers alongside Káralu and his family. They prayed in a rather different fashion than I did however, with their palms turned upward, their eyes closed, and they would kneel down and bow and then stand back up multiple times. It reminded me of Muslims, actually. However, when I had asked who they prayed to while we were out at sea, they had specified that they weren’t praying to a god, but rather to their ancestors. Having grown up LDS, this was more than strange to me, since Mormons and Christians at large do no such thing. They of course thought it was equally strange, even off-putting, that I didn’t pray to mine. Since my exorcism, I had stopped saying my morning prayers, mostly because I felt unworthy to even address the Christian god because of my subsequent immersion into homosexual sin with Káralu. I was of course also scared to pray at all, because they obviously had their feelings about my beliefs, and I didn’t want to invite more trouble. Káralu however, still diligently prayed to his ancestors every morning, because of course he didn’t see what we were doing together as abnormal or disgraceful at all.
“Are you coming?” He said, poking his head back in the tent.
I was still wrapping my sash around my waist.
“What do you mean?”
“I want to show you…” He said, bobbling his head, “… how to pray.”
I sighed.
“I’m alright.” I said.
“Everyone respects their ancestors, Mirċya. Prassians, Tags, Olarindians, Sarts… everyone. If we’re going to fix whatever is wrong, this is where we start.”
For a minute there I was insulted at the idea that there was anything wrong with me at all, but I didn’t want a repeat of the day before, so I got up and came outside with him.
“Come stand next to me.” He gestured with his hand.
I rolled my eyes and did as I was told. He held both his arms up to a square, palms facing forward, and turned his eyes to the ground.
“The first thing that we do is we look at the earth, where our ancestors’ naċpa and ṣeṣkalkal resides. Then, we hold our arms like this, strong… you know? We don’t want to look weak to them.”
I lifted my arms up, but they weren’t in a perfect square the way his were, which prompted a smack in the armpit and a blah sound from him.
“Now, breath four times in, count to four, and four times out.” He said, returning to position, “Do it with me until I say to stop.”
I started to breathe, but I apparently was doing it wrong.
“Not like that!” He snapped, “Soft. You breathe soft, and slow.”
I was reminded of how I had learned the words soft and hard. Essentially, Ċimbat punched me hard in the arm, and then softly touched me afterward to signify the difference. Nonetheless, I followed his instructions. Four soft breaths in, count to four, and four soft breaths out. We did this for a few minutes before he told me that was enough.
“Now, repeat after me.” He said, “Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers…”
“Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers…”
“You with whose feet I now walk, whose legs I now stand, and hands I now work. With whose eyes I now see and whose ears I now hear. You with whose tongue I now taste and nose I now smell, and whose lungs I now breathe, and whose voice I now speak.”
That was a lot of vocabulary, and I messed it up on the first try, but he went through it with me line by line before we continued.
“Your blood is our blood! Your bone is our bone! We mourn for your losses, we cry out for your grievances.” He brought his hands over his face, “We ache for your touch.”
He raised his arms to a square again, and I followed suit.
“We remember your debts.” He said, “Ancestors, we stand before you, pirtacau by your annuonges. Give us but a strand of your strength, a bit of your mermanea and a bruaşc of your şannă.”
He turned his palms inward and got on his knees, bowing, but not prostrating. He held his head in line with his heart, and instructed me to do the same, so I did.
“Guide us through this day as you do each day, that your blood may live in us, and that it may live in our children and our children’s children’s children.”
Finally, he got back on his feet and held his arms in front of him, as if ready to accept something being handed to him.
“Let us stand tall and walk straight in your likeness, and give cruvoc to your names.”
When we began our little morning prayer, I honestly felt a little silly. For me, praying was something that was done on the knees, with arms folded and eyes shut, and the only names that were ever invoked were those of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. The typical Mormon at the time began with the phrase “Dear Heavenly Father…” and ended with “…in the name of Jesus Christ...” Mormons were—at least in my experience—more interested in their ancestors than other Christians, spending hours combing through old records to establish who was related to who and how. They called it ‘doing your genealogy’, and although they seemed to find it to be very important work, they never invoked their ancestors. Doing so felt like a bit of live action role-play to me at first. By the end of our prayer however, the hair on the back of my neck prickled, and I felt aware. Of what? I didn’t know. I didn’t understand words like şannă, cruvoc, and mermanea yet, but somehow or other just the feeling of them on my tongue had made me feel more grounded, and perhaps even a little more connected… to something. Káralu asked me how I felt afterward, and though I tried to deny feeling any different because I was a stubborn little bastard, I guess there was something visibly different about me, cuz he just laughed and pushed my face in the other direction and started to break down our tent.
Once camp was broken down we got back on the dirt road and headed north to our destination, Cal Sişuvac. The word cal I understood to mean something like ‘hill’ or ‘mount’, and so it would be more proper to say our destination was Mount Sišuvak, or rather an estate at its base. While there appeared to be a sort of numbering scheme for buildings in Keiltsiyuk, there were apparently not enough buildings in Vičkeviuk to justify such complexity. We were instructed to head to the ‘House of Zarzurik on the eastern slope’. Zarzurik was the name of the family, and the area was mostly made up of farming estates, which meant that the signs indicated which families lived on which street as opposed to the actual names of the streets… I guess the streets didn’t have names, now that I think about it. This meant that you kind of had to know the area to know where the house was, and while Káralu knew where Mount Sišuvak was (which was hardly a mountain at all, in my opinion), he wasn’t at all familiar with the estates that surrounded it or the general area of Vičkeviuk at large, it being a little too fancy a neighborhood for the Kṣalar, normally. As a consequence, much of the early morning was spent walking up and down long rural roads looking for the signs that indicated which lot belonged to whom, and it didn’t help that Káralu wasn’t the best at reading Olarindian or Sartean. Both scripts appeared to be alphabetical to me, but while Olarindian vaguely looked like termite tracks and was obviously written horizontally, Sartean looked like chicken scratches and was written vertically.
We must have wandered around for at least two hours looking for the place, and I remember the way my balls began to ache as we went. I had heard my friends talk about Blue Balls, but never experienced it. Truth be told, I didn’t believe them when they tried to explain it to me. Like, what was the physical explanation for your balls shrinking and turning blue when a girl snubbed you? It didn’t make any sense… not at the time, anyways. Now, I’m not sure if my balls actually turned blue, but they definitely fuckin’ hurt. I remember when I complained to Káralu about it the first time I was concerned, cuz I didn’t realize what was happening, he laughed his ass off and told me we were gonna have to wait until the end of the day to do anything about it. His explanation was more succinct—when a guy gets too close to orgasm but doesn’t finish, his balls hurt. The only way to fix it is to finish. I begged him several times for fifteen minutes to solve the problem, but he insisted that we didn’t have time. So I pressed on, my nuts hanging low and painfully bouncing off my thighs in my loose Aladdin pants as I walked. I quickly went from crushing on him hard that morning to wanting to hack him to pieces with the axe on my waist.
Fortunately, there was enough scenery to take in that I was able to partially distract myself from the pain between my legs. All of the estates on the road were farms of one sort or another, and they were all up and running, as of course life starts early on a farm. I had no idea what anyone was growing, and so I couldn’t tell if the farms were for subsistence, luxury, or commercial purposes or maybe some mixture of the three. I saw a lot of odd-looking flowers growing in the fields, but mostly I saw animals. There was the occasional horse here and there, but there were quite a few more animals out in Vičkeviuk that begged explanation. Some of them I had seen in Keiltsiyuk the day before, namely the vauryxen, the canynxes, and the syracs, but out here where Sarts and Olarindians mixed there were even more.
To clarify, vauryxen were a particularly strange kind of mammal that seemed to take the place of cattle. I spotted a few of them the day before in town pulling heavy loads, and the best way I can describe them is that they looked like a sort of a ceratopsian rhinoceros, if that makes sense. They were clearly mammals, what with their shaggy coats of hair and their camel-like feet, but their faces looked vaguely like a rhinoceros’s, except that rather than horns they had these enormous bony bosses above their noses and and eyes and huge horned frills coming out of the backs of their skulls, like a ceratopsian dinosaur. They were quite the trip to lack at for awhile, and they made really gross grunting noises, not unlike camels.
Canynxes on the other hand, were something quite a bit nicer to behold. They were built somewhat like hyenas, or at least that’s what came to mind when I looked at their sloping backs, but they had long, fluffy, almost cat-like tails for some reason and often times enormous ears, like fennec foxes’, but with pointy black or brown tufts on the ends. They came in a lot of different sizes and color morphs, but different kinds of striped and tabby patterns seemed to be the most common, and their snouts could be longer or shorter. No matter the case, their faces were strangely neither doglike or catlike, as their heads were generally pretty flat, and they had a pair of prominent canines that you could see poking out of their lips even when their mouths were closed that seemed to have roots that grew up over their nose. In fact, their faces kind of reminded me of an extinct metatherian called Thylacoleo carnifex, which I was only familiar with cuz I had been following this blog called Chasing Sabertooths that was replete with fantastic illustrations of various saber-toothed predators from the past. The canynx was apparently equivalent to dogs, and I had seen a lot of them in town as strays or accompanying people.
Finally, syracs were a very strange kind of monkey, the utility of which escaped me. Yes, they were monkeys, and not just any monkeys either, but South American monkeys, or platyrrhines specifically. How did I know that? Wikipedia. New World monkeys are very easily distinguished just by looking at their faces, specifically their noses. They have flatter noses and side-facing nostrils. Syracs were visibly of the New World variety, and their faces looked a lot like a cross between some kind of robust capuchin and a saki monkey, leaning more toward the saki side. However, they walked on all fours and kept their non-grasping tails in the air like cats, had significantly smaller and clawed fingers, and prominent beards. They certainly were not related to the strange, mimicking creature I had seen back in the forest up north, cuz that thing had two thumb-like digits on its hands and feet. There are monkeys with reduced thumbs (langurs) and monkeys with no thumbs (spider monkeys), but no such thing as monkeys with two thumbs. So, syracs were monkeys, which meant that this world had people, horses, and monkeys, mammals and dinosaurs, but… no dogs.
That wasn’t all, though. I saw people riding horses and people riding these weird hoofed mammals called zaldres, or a zaldri in the singular. Zaldres had very moose-like faces in that their noses were oversized, which made their upper lips hang over the ends of their mouths somewhat, and they were actually built rather like moose as well except that they lacked antlers, had dog-like tails and three-toed hooves, and tended to have shaggy coats with prominent chest manes that were usually colored like Australian Shepherds. There were also a couple of different kinds of birds that I saw behind the fences of the estates or in wagons going up and down the road. One of them reminded me of a turkey, except it had these extremely long, partially-webbed toes and a somewhat goose-like face with horny protrusions growing out of either side of its bill. The other looked like a dodo somewhat, except with an almost finch-like face. The former were called cacarens and the latter I decided to just call hogravens on account of the way they literally oinked like pigs.
Then there was the architecture of the different houses. Some of them were very clearly Olarindian, while others were Sartean, and some were a combination of the two styles. They were pretty easily distinguishable. Olarindian houses felt a lot more familiar, and honestly more or less resembled your standard bungalow, except with long, upswept overhangs that were supported by stacks of brackets atop elaborately carved columns that often lined large verandas. The Sartean houses on the other hand, were something else entirely. They did not make use of sloping roofs, but rather each one of them seemed to be some kind of a mix between a pyramid and a tower, or sometimes two or three pyramid-towers at once. They could vary in height from a single story to as many as four or five, and were usually built with four or five sides, each of which just about always had a series of facets to it.
The Zarzurik house was one of the more elaborate ones. The property itself was surrounded by a brand new brick wall that was covered in what looked like freshly dried stucco, which I assumed was the wall that we were there to paint. At the gate, we were greeted by a strange duo— an armed security guard and a transvestite who was as tall as a tree and built like an ox. The security guard had a gun over his shoulder, another at his waste, a pick (the kind you use to crack someone’s head open), and was wearing a suit of brigandine armor. The transvestite however, was wearing an elaborately embroidered dress with short, billowed sleeves that reached down to his elbows and long, transparent and embroidered lace sleeves underneath and a pleated skirt that hung down to his lower shins. He was also wearing this makeup that made him look like a cross between a clown and a geisha. He had white foundation applied all over his face with prominent black eyeliner and darkened eyebrows that made his eyes look like an Egyptian statue, but then his upper lip was done with deep red lipstick with a red strip down the middle of the bottom lip, and red dots on his cheeks under his eyes with slits of red beneath them. To make matters even stranger, his hair was done in double dutch braids that hung down to his waste, he had a full beard that was done in curls with a handlebar mustache, and all of it was very obviously dyed orange. The chest of this guy’s dress was wide open, and he was wearing string after string of pearls and several necklaces with different kinds of talismans.
I was a small town kid from Eastern Washington, and I had never seen a transvestite before—not even on television—so the guy made me feel very uneasy. To compound the awkwardness, Káralu had explained to me the day before that I was gonna have to do the talking, cuz they were probably gonna take one look at him and tell us to leave. It was my job to explain in my still fairly rudimentary Prassian that Káralu and his clan had decided to join the Kurimbirdir in their settlement of the colonies down south, and that we were stopping at the various ports along the way to save up enough money for land. Káralu and I in particular, had aspirations of joining the army. If asked how I factored into the equation, I was supposed to tell them that I was from Thilan, and that they had picked me up on an island up north called Elurea… wherever the fuck that was. Káralu also told me that if they asked whether or not I was a uorban I was to say no, but if they asked if I was a treştă, I was to answer yes. When I asked what these two words meant, he explained uorban as referring to someone whose parents were dead, and a treştă to refer to someone who had run away from home. I wasn’t a runaway, obviously, but it seemed as close to the truth as was believable, so I shrugged it off and agreed.
When we approached the transvestite and the guard were leaned up against the open doors chatting away in Sartean, which sounded kinda like Spanish, and Finnish… and maybe a bit of French… sort of. Lots of rolled Rs and slushy Ss, and the guttural R-sound from French and a lot of nasalized vowels. Anyways, once we had been seen, the guard immediately started yelling at us, signaling with his hands for us to get lost. I put my hands up and tried to explain, “Please sir, do you speak Prassian?” I said.
“Don’t you fucking look me in the eye, you brat!” I guess that was a yes, “What are you doing here?”
“We were sent here, by Dandron… at the waterfront…” I said, looking down at the ground.
The guard marched right up to me and grabbed my ear and started twisting, hard.
“Don’t you lie to me!” He shouted, “Get out of here! We don’t want any Kṣalar or their friends here!”
“Sir, please!” I cried, “We’re here to work. Dandron sent us to the House of Zarzurik. The master of the house put out an advertisement for extra hands to paint the wall, didn’t he?”
I realized as I spoke that I mispronounced the word for ‘advertisement’, as I had only learned it the day before. He seemed to get my meaning though, and let go of my ear. He glared at me with old, blood-shot eyes.
“Who is this Dandron?” He hissed.
“He’s one of the buaştores at the workhouse, in Siknuk!” Káralu interjected.
“Who the fuck is talking to you?” The guard snapped, “Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to!”
“It’s true, sir! I promise!” I said, my voice cracking.
Neither of my parents used corporal punishment when I was a kid, so I wasn’t used to having a grown man practically twisting my ear off and I was getting a little choked up. What was worse was that it was the ear that had been practically torn off by the pyrynx, and while it had healed enough by now that the stitches had been removed, I was very afraid he would do real damage.
“Oh yeah? And what time did this Dandron say to arrive at?”
I stuttered, trying to remember as I had delegated that part to Káralu. The phrases they used to tell the time made no sense to me at all.
“Two rings past the sun!” Káralu said.
The guy let go of my ear and got in his face.
“I’m not going to tell you again to be quiet, you fucking vadzoi!” He shouted.
He looked back at me, his eyes burning into the depths of my soul. He was fucking scary as shit.
“Do you have a bill of hire?” He growled.
“He does.” I said, wiping my eyes dry.
He looked back at Káralu, but Káralu was frozen.
“Well, come on! Cough it up!”
Káralu let out a sarcastic cough, and the guard raised his hand to smack him silly.
“Alright, alright! Relax…” He said, smiling.
He rummaged around in his pockets and handed the papyrus-like document to the old man, who snatched it out of his hands and opened it. He spent an abnormally long time looking it over, and the way his eyes darted around the page it was pretty clear that he wasn’t reading it, just looking for a signature and signs of fraud. After a while he sighed and handed it back to Káralu, pushing into his bare chest.
“Alright! That’s good enough for me. Come on then, boy! Only you! I don’t want him within a drax of here, you hear?”
“But sir! He’s with me!” I pleaded.
“Then get the fuck out of here! We have plenty of help already! Several fine boys bound for the colonies showed up before you two! And look at you… dressed like one of them! What are you, anyways?”
“Sir, please!” I said, my hand on his shoulder, “We’re bound for the colonies too sir, honest! His whole clan is trying to make it down to the free cities down south, understand? They’re taking me down there with them! We’re gonna join the army together, him and I!”
Somehow it didn’t feel so bad to lie through my teeth. It’s another funny thing about speaking a different language, I guess. It takes a while for the words to actually sting.
“I said get OUT of here, don’t you listen?” He grabbed me by my vest and pulled me close, “What’s the matter with you, you got something in your ears! Let’s fix that for you, yeah?”
He started boxing my ears hard, several times over.
“Sir, I’m sorry! I’m sorry, sir!” I cried, trying to duck my head under my arms.
It seemed like every time I was able to get my head away from him he was able to find a new angle at which to slap me. It was my ear first, but then both my ears, then my head, my face, and so on.
“Ketzesken! Ketzesken!” The transvestite yelled. He had a booming voice, like the horn on a boat.
The transvestite and Káralu both pulled the man off of me. By the time they did there was a sharp pain shooting down the canal of my ear and into my brain, and I could hardly hear anything but a loud ringing. The transvestite and the guard then went back and forth in Sartean while I checked if my ear was bleeding. Ever since I had seen It’s a Wonderful Life as a little kid, I was very paranoid about ear-slapping. “Are you crying, Mirċya?” Káralu said with a smile, rustling my hair. He seemed surprised that I would be as shaken up as I was. My ear hurt like a motherfucker, but really it was more that I was shocked. I was definitely not used to adults acting like that.
“No.” I said, wiping my eyes.
“Let me see you!” He said, reaching for my face.
“Leave me alone!” I smacked his hand away, “I’m fine.”
“Let me see that ear, Mirċya.” He laughed.
I was reluctant, but I let him. He told me my ear wasn’t bleeding and then patted me on the back and told me to “walk it off”.
“Is this what it’s always like for you… trying to find work?” I asked, trying to inject as much venom as I could into my tone while stifling my sobs.
“All the time, Mirċya. That’s why you have to be tough! You shouldn’t let people hit you like that.”
“Once Borsuśtzengen gets here, I’ll tell him what happened. He’ll let you boys in, I promise.” Said the man in the dress.
“Thanks.” I told him, trying not to stare.
Ketzesken (the guard) disappeared for a few minutes, but when he came back he was with a tall and thin elderly fellow with a Brigham Young-style beard who came dressed in some peculiar clothes with an even more peculiar hairstyle. While the guard had long salt and pepper hair that was pulled back in a bun at the back of his head, only the front of this guy’s still black hair was pulled up on top of his head in a bun with beads around the base while the rest of it hung down to his shoulders. He looked like an Indian god. He was wearing a fitted long-sleeved shirt underneath a baggier, shortsleeved and knitted sweater, that itself was underneath an ornately patterned hoodless cowl that extended just beneath his shoulders, and baggy harem-like pants, not unlike the pair I was wearing. I suppose it helped that I didn’t notice that I was bleeding from my nose until after he arrived, cuz he looked pretty angry at Ketzesken, and scolded him for a while in their language while the she-male explained. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to me. “I’m sorry for Ketzesken, here.” He said, “Sarruyaltas tells me you boys are bound for the colonies?”
“That’s right.” I said, taking the handkerchief before wiping my nose.
He smiled at me.
“You want to be a soldier, then?”
“Well, then! Future Prassian soldiers are always welcome here at the House of Zarzurik! You two come inside. The work has already begun but… we could always use extra hands, and you’ll be paid well!”
With that, Káralu gave shot a wicked smirk at Ketzesken, and his lip curled in disgust. Before we went in however, there was a bit of business to be handled. You see, the giant transvestite was apparently a priest, and not just any old priest, but one that deals with boundaries. The goddess that he served was named Urtatoli, and she was a goddess of crossroads, doors, thresholds, keys, locks, and boundaries of any kind, really. Because we were both foreigners stepping on to a Sartean property, we needed to be purified by her grace. So, the priest pulled a flask out of the pockets of his skirt and filled his mouth with some hard-smelling liquor and spat it all over Káralu, and then took another large gulp and spat all over me. It was weird, and maybe a little disturbing having a man in a dress and makeup spitting hard liquor all over me, but… I guess it was better than being exorcised.
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2020.12.04 00:20 parttimealgerian Express Entry prospective applicant

I am interested in immigrating to Canada through the Express Entry scheme and I was wondering what my chances are to be selected.
I have a Master of Arts in English studies, Class of 2016, I can get a good IELTS score ( I took it once already and got 7.5, but that certificate has already expired, but I am confident I can get an even better score), I can also score more points considering that I speak French too. I started a PhD in UK from Oct 2017 till August 2018 i.e I dropped out. I did work as a teacher in Asia, but I cannot prove my employment because I didn't have a work permit, but I was a full-time teacher, not a backpacker. I worked there from May 2019 until Feb 2020. I am single.
What provinces do you think would be the best fit when applying?
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2020.12.04 00:00 MRSealionnnnnnn Returning Player - Combat style advice + gear decision assist

Hello all,
I am a returning player from circa 2.5 years ago really just looking for some advice. I'm going to aim towards 120 slayer and getting into high tier pvm and raids and I need some geacombat style advice and bounce my ideas off a wall that's knows more than me.
total level 2200, prayer 99, summoning 90, range 99, magic 99, atk 82, str 75 and def 92. Other possible important skills inv 80, herbivore 99 and 70 slayer
Gear in bank
- Range - full vernix and noxious bow
- Mage - full virtu and polypore staff, 10 sets of polypore for invention training
- Melee - Full Torva and sarodomin godsword, full guthans
- amulet of blood and ring of death
- 154M cash
Bearing in mind my small cash stack and gear availability, I think I need to focus on one single tree and get high tier pvm gear then use it to get money.
- which combat style is superior for learning pvm (only got 70 Sara kills to date)
- For a gear decision path is it advisable to just liquidate all gear assets and start down the path.
- Could you provide advice on my initial gear priorities with my resources?
- Any friendly UK clan recommendations for a beginner pvm'er?
- On discord people quote avg prices for getting perks ie. P6 AS1, where on earth do they get these from as I can't find Ito n the wiki.
I realise the last question can be answered by the discord which I've looked at, however I'm just overwhelmed totally by the amount of gear in the lists and whether to get armouweapons or buy abilities or buy prayers (apparently that's a thing now) or buy perks. It seems like the game has expanded significantly in my 2.5 year absence especially on the pvm front.

Thanks sincerely in advance
An old dog trying to learn new tricks
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2020.12.03 23:37 Aulon Searching for a single Din radio with an integrated screen (no flip-ups)

Porsche recently unveiled their new PCCM retrofits for older vehicles; I'd like a similar theme in my NB Miata.
Specifically I've been looking for a single din with a small screen for album art (bonus if android auto is implemented).
The closest thing I've found is this JVC KD-X561DBT however reviewers stated the phone must be connected via USB to show album art and the sound quality is likely a step down.
Is anyone aware of a better alternative to the JVC unit? Can the PCCM unit be modified to fit into my car instead?
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2020.12.03 23:22 Intelligent-Peanut-8 I've lost over half of my life so far to this horrific illness

Not to cancer. Not to heart disease, but to health anxiety.
I have a fuck ton of anxiety disorders.
I suffer from cPTSD, OCD, PMDD, Body dysmorphia, health anxiety and depression.
The last time I ever felt normal was when I was 10 years old. I'm 22 now, almost 23.
I have so much potential and could have had great prospects. I've thrown them all away because I've been living in a state of constant dread, thinking my death is imminent for years.
I had so many issues that I basically locked myself away since I was about 15 to try to deal with them. I haven't had any of the normal young person experiences.
Finishing school? Nope Travelling? No Friendship group? No
Since this last lockdown (UK), my health anxiety it's reared its ugly head again in the worst possible way.
I've found a lump which could actually be a dangerous issue. (Not looking for reassurance, just saying.) I do have loads of actual, diagnosed chronic health issues too which doesn't help.
I've now also failed my degree. I didn't do a single bit of work for this module because I was completely overwhelmed by severe anxiety. It was my third attempt at the module and they won't let me do another.
I can't go on like this anymore.
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2020.12.03 22:46 bluedog33 [Help] Terrible vet visit - senior dog with heart faliure / liver disease

Part vent, part advice. TIA for your help. Yesterday my partner took his dog to the vet, as she has been drinking excessively, weeing and pooping in the house (even when has free access to outside), and a general physical/mental decline. Because of COVID protocols, they are insisting that you drop dog off and pick up later, and this was at a large chain. The visit and communication was terrible, and we are now at a loss of what to do. Dog is 13 year old (almost 14) JRT (female). She has also visibly lost weight, especially muscle tone, her coat and skin have got thinner.
Issues with vet visit:
Diagnosis and further issues:
Where we are at now:
Please note that no decisions will be taken lightly, but we do want to have an open and honest conversation with the vet and not have to give her the third degree to get information.
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2020.12.03 22:42 Milanc1105 Casual leagues UK

Are there any casual leagues in the UK? EVERY FUCKING RANKED session i join some cunts never brake and ruin my race. I'm ranked C for safety even though I literally never cause an accident. It's so fucking annoying. I play this game to relax and I'm sick of single player where I move the difficulty 1% up and win the race, or 1% down and I'm 10th.
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2020.12.03 22:32 orange0401 [Store] 25 Knives, 8 Gloves, Skins, Cash (methods listed in post), 118 Arcanas, $10000+ Cash >> Pandoras WW, MW Fire Serpent, 2x Glock Fade, Flip Black Pearl, Falchion Ruby/Sapphire, Butterfly Doppler P2, .007 Bayo Ruby, .25 Vice, M9/Bayo Lore FN





Please note that float rankings may be out of date. Keep them in mind as general rankings, and check for yourself if you so wish.
Reddit DM is not a good way to contact me. Instead, add me or send a trade offer through steam.
If you'd like to see screenshots, message/add me to ask for them.


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Bayonet Ruby FN .007x $2350 -
M9 Bayonet Lore FN .05x $1400 -
M9 Bayonet Lore MW .11x $1000 -
Flip Knife Crimson Web FN .06x $980 12/6
Butterfly Knife Doppler FN P2 .008x $720 -
Falchion Knife Sapphire FN .007x $700 -
Bayonet Lore FN .06x $650 -
Flip Knife Black Pearl FN .04x $560 -
Falchion Knife Ruby FN .008x $560 -
Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth FN .03x $573 -
Butterfly Knife Slaughter MW .09x $515 -
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web FT .37x $365 -
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel MW .10x $340 -
Bayonet Doppler FN P2 .01x $330 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .05x $230 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .04x $230 -
M9 Bayonet Damascus Steel FN .05x $200 -
Paracord Knife Case Hardened FT .23x $185 -
Bowie Knife Marble Fade FN .007x $190 -
Flip Knife Doppler FN P4 .01x $185 -
Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth FN .04x $160 -
Ursus Vanilla $152
Shadow Daggers Slaughter MW .10x $86 -
Shadow Daggers Slaughter MW .11x $86 12/5
Falchion Knife Ultraviolet BS .51x $60 -


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Sport Gloves Vice FT .25x $1180 -
Sport Gloves Pandora's Box WW .39x $1080 -
Sport Gloves Omega MW .13x $780 -
Sport Gloves Superconductor WW .40x $570 -
Driver Gloves King Snake FT .25x $550 -
Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls FT .28x $440 -
Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid FT .30x $275 -
Hand Wraps Spruce DDPAT FT .16x $115 -


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Glock-18 Fade FN .05x 91.2% $710 -
Glock-18 Fade FN .01x 88.8% $700 -
AK-47 Fire Serpent MW .14x $540 -
ST AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge FN .006x $430 -
AK-47 Vulcan MW .09x $100 -
ST Scar-20 Crimson Web MW .12x W/ LDLC Holo $120 -
Souvenir Galil AR Cerberus MW .11x $800 -
ST P250 Undertow FN .06x $800 -


[H] B/O Screens Notes Trade Lock
51 Dota2 Arcanas $16.5 ea - "Good" arcanas -
Ninjas in Pyjamas Katowice 2014 $230 -
$10000+ Cash (methods listed below) Skins, keys, gloves, etc. Stiletto Blue Steel .433298824x PI 999 for $65 - Various services may incur fees (I do not pay them). -


(please note that certain methods may incur fees that I do not pay). I offer and accept payments through
I am interested in buying for cash, usually cashouts and knife/glove/skin sales.
If you're interested in cash trades, I won't go first unless you have some form of rep greater than mine.
If an item is on trade hold and you want to guarantee its purchase, you can
  1. Pay 5% of the value to reserve it and pay the other 95% once its tradeable or
  2. Pay a full (sometimes slightly discounted) price on the item.
Otherwise I will trade the item normally, as if the offer did not exist.
Cashrep on my Spreadsheet
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2020.12.03 22:21 EragonUK Top lane positional coaching - Grandmaster competitive ERL player coaching by EragonUK

Hello! My name is Eragon and I do personalized top lane coaching. I have played in European Regional Leagues for 3 years and have been coaching extensively in this time also.
Whether it's to train your fundamentals in soloq or competitive (Clash/tournaments/minor leagues etc), I'd be glad to help you improve over the long term with multiple sessions/goals/planning or single sessions analyzing your vods in as much depth as I can.
My techniques involve hours of research into your vods outside of the paid session and advising based on gameplay and out of game preparation as well as providing long term plans with progress tracking etc. Your specific weaknesses will be addressed.

Example of personalized coaching session:

Competitive accomplishments:


My rates are £20 per hour with discounts for multiple sessions bulk buyers.
If this sounds interesting to you please don't hesitate to add and DM me on Discord: Eragon#0345
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