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My bf is best friends with his ex

2017.06.08 06:50 briaaannaaa My bf is best friends with his ex

found out he was still married but seperated in the middle of completing divorce. They are "best friends" with a 'platonic relationship' supposedly. he hid this marriage because he also hid the fact that he had 2 other children who were under 5. I also feel he hid this because he was ashamed, or wasnt planning on keeping me around too long. He hid her name as his assistants name on his cell phone. I hacked into his ipad and found out that way, they talk every day and tho conversations arent romantic they did tell each other they love each other. Im annoyed because he swears shes always been a "friend" and "didnt love her" but i argued with him how pathetic that sounds because not only did you marry her but stayed married and then had 2 kids at the very end of your marraige but still want to continue their same bs friendly relationship they have--i understand they have kids and do need to communicate HOWEVER thats no excuse to talk everyday. He has children with an ex ex wife that he doesnt have this everyday overly friendly relationship. He talks highly of her and says he loves her like a sister???(which is gross and still not ok) he says he doesnt want to be with her and that im making a big deal because i dont understand and that he wants to be there for his kids. Ive explained to him that he should be there for his kids but he doesnt need to be there for her. Ive read text messages between them where he stays at their home in Louisiana and they even smoke bud together--thats some shit i would never do or cross with an ex bf. I told him i cant continue dating him because i dont like his life lol and didnt want anything to do with it. If he found a life partner and if his relationship with his kids were that important he wouldnt divorce her? right? he told me it was something he had to think about and time to get his shit together (hahah obviously) he said he couldnt just end a friend thats been there his whole life.......i told him i wont allow it or ever bless their friendship..its not fair that i have to live and pretend to be okay with that because it makes HIM happy. its even made me think that this wife bestie of his is a typical fillipino push over and is ok with letting him do what he wants and is ok to stick around? maybe she isnt worried and feels confident about her role in his life. ..idk he says thats not how she is but his judgment on people isnt always great. I found out that he is also planning on moving them in the same state so he can be closer to his young daughter with autism. BOTTOM LINE i dont appreciate feeling like i have to share my role if he wants to be with me then he needs to transfer that friendship to our relationship and let her go. if he knows hes not romantically wanting to be with her then why continue? why? why have 2 kids? the youngst is 3 so you literally had a baby not long ago but yet theres no love or romnce? he said he couldnt physically cheat if he wanted because the bitch has a fungus on her asshole that fucks up how she uses her vagina or something like that. she knew he was with me but i had no idea about her or her kids lol as much nice things she says about her i feel like shes pretty aware of what shes doing especially if shes calling 8-10pm and knowing hes in a relationship. he says she calls for the kids but unless theyre dying she dont need to keep up. when she would call he would ignore it..i always thought it was a little weird how "work" would call late
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2012.10.18 07:28 tabledresser [Table] IAmAn actor/writer/director/warlord/poet/beauty-queen/moron named Daniel Gillies. You can currently see me on The Vampire Diaries, Saving Hope, and you can watch my self-distributed movie Broken Kingdom online. Ask Me Anything

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What's your dog's name? What is a terrible habit s/he has? Mitt Romney. She has a terrible habit of devouring her vagina whenever we have guests of significance. Also I suspect she's racist.
If you could choose to play one of the female characters on TVD, who would you choose? :D. I would probably have to say Damon.
Since no one has asked this, might as well. So just how dreamy Ian Somerhalder really is in person? "Very" is way too short of an answer. So dreamy. One of his breasts is slightly larger than the other and he's always smothered in a fragrant glitter-lotion.
Would you like Elijah to have his own spin off? What do you think it could be about? I absolutely believe it's possible. Potential subject matter: Rabies, Strippers, Morgan Fairchild, Wizardry, Breasts and Super-Rabies.
Are you having a secret love affair with Paul Wesley? We've been violently public in my opinion.
Do you like cats ? Some of my greatest friends are felines and I was raised by a wonderful Siamese couple from Utah. So the answer is no.
Did you ever had a sex dream with someone from TVD cast ;)? Nina Dobrev and I both have the same sex dream every night that we're having a sex dream with Nina Dobrev.
How difficult is it to have to keep putting on different accents for different roles and how much time do you put into learning a new accent? It depends on how much time I'm given before a role. I've often said to people, that one of the great luxuries of Saving Hope was that I was able to use my own voice/accent for the first time in 12 years.
I have always been playing Brits and Americans. To be honest with you, it's difficult... But it's a requisite difficulty that immediately propels you into an aspect of character. I don't constantly play myself (which would be appalling, given that I'm having tremendous difficulty with that role) and so I'm thrust into certain demands with each performance. Look -- I've failed miserably many times... I'm only just starting to enjoy a portion of my work now as an actor, at 36.
Also, because I am a Canadian-born Kiwi -- my cadence and speech were fairly violently changed at the age of 5 (when I came to New Zealand from Canada) so perhaps I have a natural inclination to mimicry and imitation.
Jesus -- Am I boring the shit out of you, yet?!
How awesome was it karate chopping someone's head off in VD? Also, I'm an aspiring filmmaker so if you ever want to do any rock bottom indie, you let me know! Delicious. Congratulations on being my first answer.
Have you ever considered a career as a porn star? I don't remember a time when I didn't have that career.
Hi Daniel! Love seeing you on the Vampire Diaries and the trailers for Saving Hope look really good! Really hope Saving Hope will get shown on Irish television! So if it came down to choosing one, which would it be Mr. Gillies.. Vampire or Doctor? I'm in talks with Zach Braff with regards to licensing the character of 'Doctor Acula'. The Vampire/Doctor.
Hi Daniel just want to say broken kingdom & kingdom come was bloody amazing and it was breath taking Rachael Cook made me cry as well as you did. I felt you weren't just telling us a story you made us feel part of the story & as a fan i felt your passion in kingdom come i wanted to hug you on accusation (went through toilet paper due to crying) . Now My question Mr Gillies is there nothing you can't do? Because you truly an amazing actor /human being/directorole model like your fellow TVD co star Joseph Morgan. As for Rachael she really touches you in her character. She to made me go though Toilet paper while watching broken kingdom. I do have one TVD related question will we ever meet Tatia And will old sparks fly out between Elijah & Klaus? I'm not sure anyone human could ever feel justifiably worthy of what is written here. I am immensely grateful for your comments, though...
And yes -- I'd like to think we'll meet Tatia. I suspect she's going to be attractive.
Hello, good sir. My question would be this. How did you and Rachael meet? You two are absolutely adorable together =) We met in a bar.
We've been married 8 years.
God knows why she sticks around.
I'm a fucking lunatic.
How have sales been for your movie and documentary? Did you lose money or does it look to be profitable? This might sound cliche and counterfeit: But I honestly don't care about the profit aspect of this...what I do want is numbers. I'd like as many people to watch the films as possible. Not simply because they're worthy...but also because they can provide a degree of inspiration and solace. go here and check 'em out
**edit: theithey're -- at high-speed I'm an idiot.
Do you think Elijah will ever get a love interest? Elijah already has a love interest.
How religious are you? How many sexual partners have you had? What is your next worth? The answer is 700,000.
To all of these questions.
What are some of your favorite movies that inspire you as a director? Which directors do you look up to and why? Baraka, Du Levande, Songs from the 2nd Floor, Last Days, Enter the Void, Humanité, Inland Empire, In the Mood for Love, Lady Vengeance, The Beat my Heart Skipped, Ratcatcher, Days of Heaven Turtles can Fly --
Recommendation: Try looking outside of the U.S. for movies. Don't get me wrong -- some of the greatest filmmakers alive are AMerican. MAlick, Lynch, Wes Anderson, PTA...they are all fucking unbelievable. But to really look through another prism -- I recommend looking through the eyes of someone from an entirely different culture.
This is why I chose to hurl one of the characters into Bogotá Colombia in 'Broken Kingdom'. I really wanted to feel the sense of the stranger in a strange land...also, to immerse the audience in something unfamiliar. They too experience Colombia in the movie
Hi Daniel, I bought and watched Kingdom Come and was enthralled. It was eye-opening to see how difficult raising money for an independent film can be. Thank you for watching the movie. In the future I plan to work on multiple projects simultaneously. When you invest all of your energy in a given direction, it can consume you. When your happiness is hinging on an outcome you don't control; it altogether too precarious.
What do you plan on doing differently in the future when it comes to raising finances? With individuals like the guy who strung you along until finding out that he actually had no money to invest, do you think you'll be better at sniffing out those dead ends earlier in the process or does it remain an elusive problem? With regard to the different approaches to financing: I'd probably take a path of less resistance. For example, I'd probably cast a name or two in order to achieve a level of financing.
Thank you for making the documentary. It helped weigh into my decision of whether to pursue a career in film. Do I think I'm better at smelling a rat, now? To be honest, I was back when I was seduced by fucking asshole parasites. The truth is: I wasn't willing to admit to myself that I knew they were false prophets. I kind of wanted the mirage to be real.
Hi Daniel, I watched Broken Kingdom recently and enjoyed it very much. I was wondering what inspired you to make this movie? Thank you for the question. Thank you also for enjoying the movie. I've often said (perhaps too frequently) that I'm a deeply curious coward. Chiefly, I wanted to peer into a situation that terrifies me. (Yes, you have to watch the movie to understand There is a voyeuristic quality to filmmaking which excites me. You can study tragedy through the medium. Does that sound perverse?
But I have to know that was a pretty epic beard you had going there, Was that "Movie magic"? Or did you actually grow it out? Unfortunately, no. It was a 'Movie Plague'. I had resolved not to return to acting until the work was done. 'The work' of course, being the comleted film. It was a pig-headed decision, I'm not certain I'd ever make again. But it was the physical manifestation of a pact that I'd made with myself. I felt that, was I still ABLE to go and audition (ie. without sporting a giant unibomber chin-cat) then I probably would. So I didn't want to allow myself that option. It sounds awfully masochistic and perhaps it is...but I was determined not to back away. Also, this fed pretty directly into the kind of character that I wanted to play. Someone who has run away from his own life. A fugitive American Writer living in Bogotá. ( Nobody looks terrible in movies any more. But you know... Lokk back to the 70s. All of the tentpole guys were fucking pedestrian/terrible looking. Well, maybe not all. But you're talking about a chapter where Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman and Jack Nicholson were Gods. That was a special time -- We celebrated them because they were good. Not because we loved their abdominal musculature.
Hi Daniel, The screenplay was written by you? What was your biggest inspiration to create the script? The country of Colombia.
Also, I felt as though if I didn't make my own film...on my own the time I was 35, I would never do it at all. I know that might sound kind of arbitrary...but it was a number I'd given myself and I was kind of manacled to it.
So often as actors, we're at the mercy of terrible scripts/directors. Even though it's an unimaginable battle to create a movie like this, it's worth it to have that liberty.
For example, the main protagonist of Broken Kingdom is a poor black prostitue from the barrios of Bogotá, Colombia -- that was never going to be an easy process in the procedure of raising money. I'm glad I made the movie I wanted to make though.
It's a movie that's largely about people in the wake of a terrible tragedy -- which I feel people rarely want to discuss in cinema these days. Not in North America.
I have a very important question for you... Are you team DELENA or team STELENA? Neither.
I'm so excited about this AMA that I don't even know what to ask you. Do you like cheese? Yes. Yes, I do.
Which is the message that you want to transmit wit Broken Kingdom? Besitos!! :) I can't answer this entirely, because I don't believe in forcing something thematic down anyone's neck...
However, I can tell you that I am kind of obsessed with the themes of innocence and man's disastrous quest to reconcile his angel with his animal.
One thing I'm proud of with Broken Kingdom is that it has the presence of a kind of dream-state...I feel that this is why it's responsible for leaving such an impression. I'm not congratulating myself: however there really is a frequency of something beautiful which has been irrevocably fractured.
For those that haven't seen it: Do it up.
Broken Kingdom is a phenomenal piece of film-making, far different than anything I've watched before. Was it your intention to make a truly original, thought provoking piece of work? Actually, I'd set out to write something entirely derivative, boring, caricatured, borrowed, cliché and 2-dimensional.
I fucking blew it.
Well done on Broken Kingdom really good film! what was the most challenging part ? Raising the money.
It's such an asshole of an experience. I can't tell you. This business attracts the worst, lying, charlatans you could ever hope to encounter. People who'll waste your time, energy and money for no apparent reason, other than the fact that they're probably narcissists/psychopaths. The most vulnerable innocents in this process of pointless dinners/drinks/mutual-masturbation are the filmmakers themselves. Artists are naturally more vulnerable by design (or at least they ought to be, to be any goo) and are therefore often the casualties of merciless egos. You can honestly chase and pursue complete illusions...I mean...I spent thousands of hours conducting phone calls to Britain with some jack-ass who wanted to get laid with actresses and place himself in my movie. From the get-go I knew he had no dough. I ignored my instincts because I wanted him to be a savior. This energy feed the monster ego in a terrifying way and ultimately results in a fiery train-wreck.
He was a liar and a fraud and I should've trusted my instincts.
The greatest 'fuck you' to the lying/awful/vile parasites which swarm around innocent filmmakers is to actually bring the film into the world. In spite of their desire to sabotage your efforts.
To learn more about my doc or my movie, which I'm proud to say, both kick ass -- go to
Are trousers still optional, and are you wearing any right now? NEVER!!
What is your favorite part of being on The Vampire Diaries? And how is the end of season 3 coming along? I'm a huge fan! We're in Season 4, Amigo.
While you are a hella good actor, did you find yourself enjoying the writedirector role more while making your film? Also, the dog in your verification photo is adorable. That's my mother, bro. Weak.
So now that film 1 is under your belt, do you have more subjects that you intend to tackle as an independent film maker or is this something to cross off your bucket list as been there, done that? No way, man.
Thank you for the question, though. It's remarkably common. So, no. It's not something that you can merely 'cross off'. There's a strange addiction in doing something of this magnitude.
Let's make another movie-baby. I can't say too much about the next thing...however I can say that it won't be a date movie. Unless you're dating Robert which case, I'm about to make the greatest date movie of all time.
Hey Daniel, any news on a date for the premiere of Saving Hope's second season? :) We no longer wanted to be with NBC, but the creators are still seeking an American Distributor.
We're piecing together foreign distribution at the present. We've sold to many countries.
Look, the show is really good -- I don't doubt it'll go to what network it finds itself on, is still a mystery to me.
There is definite chemistry between your and Nina's characters on TVD. Do you think the show would move away from the Stefan, Elena & Damon triangle and have you as Elena's love interest? Nina?
Will there be a second season of "Saving Hope" with you? Possibly. However there have been threats to replace me with Alan Thicke.
Do you think Elijah is still a virgin xD? Jesus, no. Elijah is a complete whore.
Is Broken Kingdom the best movie you made so far? Absolutely. Also, the 'only'.
What for you, both as a director and actor, is the greatest joy when it comes to creating a piece such as Broken Kingdom? Shooting the film. Hands down. That's the joy. The edit is wonderful, too.
Anything to do with the art of it.
How is little isaias doing??? Thank you for asking. He has hair again (!!) and my friend Lynn Godwin @justlynn01 has some pics of him on Twitter at Santa Monica. Check it out. Xx.
What shampoo does Elijah use? Coconut Water and the tears of Orphaned Fillipino Chimney-sweeps.
Would you end your secret love affair with paul wesley so i can start one with him ? ;D aaand my sister wants to know what your favourite character on lord of the rings is ? ;D. I'd probably have to say either the Laurence Fishburne character in the Trenchcoat and Gas-Station shades or the Giant Dog-Orangutan that helps Jennifer Connelly out of the Labyrinth.
Você é realmente muito bonito e divertido. Gosto demais de seu trabalho e queria muito ve-lo aqui no Brasil. Obrigada pelo carinho e pela alegria de poder ler e saber mais sobre você . Parabéns pelo filme!! Você já pretende inscrever o filme no festival de cinema do Rio de Janeiro em 2013? Ojala que usted puede me entiende, pero no puedo hablar en Portuguese... Solamente: Brasil eu te amo. Disculpe me. Mis idiomas son ingles y espaõl (mal)
Hi Daniel, Firstly I really enjoyed your movie and the documentary made me cry a little. Do you read fanfictions ? I don't. That's not to say I won't.
Thank you for watching the movies. I apologize for making you weep. Hopefully it was not with nausea...
I will definitely check out Broken Kingdom! Do you see yourself moving more into the writing/directing role or would you like to stick to acting or both? I'll remain doing both acting and directing. I apologize in advance.
If Elijah could be with any character on the show, who do you think he would choose? Probably Schneider from 'One Day at a Time'.
Looks awesome. Maybe add Seymour Cassel's name to your original post? would've checked it way sooner. Watch the movie, man. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for checking this out and I appreciate the encouragement.
The documentary is especially interesting to me, sure you can guess why. It is really really great to see, even just those short clips, the passion people have for storytelling. You a Cassevetes fan?
Would you ever consider playing a character like you did in Captivity? I needed the money.
Your film I believe is the first indie film I ever watched. Seeing you as a different character really shows off your talent. My question is will you please be my Christian Grey?! K. You free Thursday?
Hi Daniel. I love you as Elijah on VD. I'm from India. ... And I know you did a film called Bride and Prejudice several years ago. I was wondering how your experience was working with Indian actors? Would you consider doing it again? In a heartbeat. I miss India. I loved it so much. Check out my new movie --
Do you like James Bond? And if you do, are you excited about the new movie: Skyfall? I haven't liked Bond for years. Although I love the character.
Inspiration behind making Broken Kingdom? also i saw the movie 5 times and 1 time with my mum. loved it every single time. <3. Your body is a fucking wonderland.
DANIEL, I cannot wait for Broken Kingdom to arrive in my mailbox. Suggestions for passing the time? I'm dying here, man.
Save yourself the trouble.
Ever plan on visiting egypt? We love you here♥ YES!!!
Elijah will be a Pharoah in a very special TVD about his addiction to painkillers and feline love.
This question is to important not to ask, what's your favorite beverage? Hamster urine.
You want to fuck Paul xD? Absolutely! (We're talking about PAul Walker, right?!)
Why we can't see Elijah in every episode? We want Elijah. And Katherine. Togheter. Kalijah :D. You shouldn't eat too much chocolate, my darling.
Hi Daniel, did you have any problem with your safety shooting in Colombia? BTW Broken Kingdom is an AWESOME film. Congrats buddy. Besitos desde Madrid ;) Muchas Gracias. Besitos y un abrazo fuerte, mi amor. Xx.
What's your biggest fear? Trousers.
I love you in VD but I fear that I am the only straight male that watches the show, Just wanted to say you're a great actor and I shall be buying your movie on pay day! First of all, I love you for buying (in the future) the movie at Really appreciate it, man. Please come back here and tell me what you think.
And, yes: You are the only straight male in the Solar System who openly confesses to watching TVD. Well, you and the armies of cowardly males who approach me in bars opening with -- 'You know...I never wanted to watch your show, dude, but my girlfried's a fan...'
Thank you for having the balls to own it, amigo.
Ian Somerhalder has nothing on you! Thanks for doing this AMA! Are you kidding me?!
I love the shit out of you guys.
Hey Daniel! Love you in TVD! I was wondering when the hell Elijah is gonna save Elena from the misery that is the Stefan and Damon ;) Also I feel like TVD is like Super Mario whereas Elena is the princess and Stefan and Damon being the Mario Bros. with Klaus playing the role of King Koopa LOL. Are you coming on to me? If you are, I'm totally down.
My girlfriend loves your show I tried watching a few episodes from the third season, but I have not a clue which one you are and what the dickins was going on. Keep up the good work!! Unicorns!! I love your girlfriend. For reference: I'm the one who lives with the Cunningham family, above their garage. Often you'll see me sporting a leather jacket and telling people to 'sit on it!'. Fucking UNICORNS...back atchya, baby!!
My friend Elora is now locked into the bathroom to read you. I am very worried of not hearing any noises. Could you write her something to make her react or scream. I would be reassured. Thank you in advance, your help is very appreciated. Perhaps we should contact her physician?
I can only recommend various herbal teas and a generous helping of fiber.
I have no idea how on earth this works, but greetings, I am without clothing! You are a hero.
Well as I don't have a clue as to what Broken Kingdom or Kingdom Come is about, I am curious after being here and seeing some of these questions so I just bought the both of them..I wish you much success in your career and I do enjoy your work! Thanks man. I keep forgetting to plug: is where people can buy the movies. I really think you'll dig them. Please come back here and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear. D.
I LOVED this movie. Thank you for all your hard work to bring this movie to us. You and the entire cast were incredible. While watching Kingdom Come, it gave me a new appreciation on what it takes to make a film like this. Thank you so much for your wonderful support.
Please tell me you plan on making a comedy eventually. It would be painfully offensive and I'd love it. I'd love to. I feel as though the internet is more of a home for comedy at present. I adore the short-form of guys like 'The Lonely Island' Gentlemen.
They're unbelievable. So I guess I'd like to do something silly and random on the Internet before the year is done.
Vampire Diaries... Dad...?! I can change.
walks away I also made a movie --
Very important question, Daniel, do you like "the chocolate". ;) He and I no longer see each other.
It's a little irreverent to my wife; even though we were only trying to maintain something platonic.
Is julie plec's ass really like a necterine. 100%
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