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Mecha Anime Tier List

2020.07.24 19:14 klimuk777 Mecha Anime Tier List

I am a huge fan of mecha genre so I assumed it would be fitting to try and pinpoint exact power level of strongest giant robots in Japanese fiction. We’ll be considering things such as durability, raw power, tactics and, often most important, pilots themselves. Also each pilot gets one entry with its absolutely strongest unit, so sorry Kabuto Koji, but you won’t get 5 iterations of MazingeMazinkaiser in this tier list.
Format we are using:
Mech (Pilot) – Series – Description
HUGE spoilers ahead. Feedback is welcome as I am only human and can make mistakes in assessing power level of certain characters.
Emperor Tier – sole member of this tier was going all over the tier list but longer I thought about it, placing it at the very top was only possible solution, no matter how much I would want to meme this tier list with characters in S+.
Getter Emperor (Ryoma Nagare, ???) – Getter Robo manga – Getter Emperor is natural stage of progression for every Getter Robo. Straight up strongest competitor in the ring. Getter Emperor is entity that defies laws of physics, rules of time and destroys entire universes by consuming life, energy, technology, matter itself and even souls. Although, it would more fitting to say that Getter itself defines laws of physics and rules of time. You see its energy source - Getter Rays – also happen to the life force guiding evolution. Getter Rays have two other interesting properties, they are building blocks of literally everything and they are sentient. Getter Emperor itself is basically avatar of entire universe trying to evolve, grow in power and become one. Its goal in every universe is the same – to create chain of events which will lead humanity on the path of eternally escalating war, forcing people into embracing Getter Rays. This results in humanity granting them more and more powerful avatar, which ultimately becomes one with universe and annihilates it (also growing in power and wisdom with each universe destroyed). Getter Emperor is a being that infinitely grows in power. Its existence cannot be denied as it can manipulate time itself to direct chains of events in a way it see fitting for its evolution. It’s basically eternal because once it came to be in given universe, it can change history in whatever way it wants (and it absolutely will do it). On top of that it will stomp anything that comes into its path with sheer volume of entire’s universe power. To defeat Getter Emperor you would need to destroy entire multiverse, but even then – Getter can create new universes. Fighting Getter Emperor isn’t “fish trying to kill other fish”, it’s “fish trying to kill entire freaking ocean” and ON TOP OF THAT you are always fighting with Emperor’s rules as it has absolute control over multiverse and its history. If you came to be and managed to challenge Emperor, it’s because Emperor wanted it to happen. Pilot factor only adds to all of this, Ryoma Nagare is a man of action with unbreakable will, who, although reluctant at first, ultimately synchronizes with the will of Getter becoming its perfect pilot. Other pilots seem to interchangeable over time, whether they are Hayato, Go, Musashi, Benkei, but Ryoma himself is single most vital part of Getter and Emperor will make sure that history will play out in a way that lets Ryoma come to be and become one with its greater consciousness.
S+ : The Unstoppable – individuals who (due to their specific circumstances) cannot be beaten, no matter how strong of an opponent they face.
Mech itself is irrelevant (Chirico Cuvie) – Armored Trooper Votoms – This is the case of pilot factor being so absolutely absurd that it nullifies basically everything else. Chirico’s condition had many names in the franchise. Most often he was called “Perfect Soldier”, but this name is understatement. Either way, this name is used to describe extremely rare individuals who are destined to survive no matter circumstances. Even if world around them is literally falling apart “PS” are able to somehow come unscathed. If by any chance get hurt, they have some sort of healing factor (which was never explored properly). It doesn’t matter what you throw at Chirico, how many people close to him you kill, where in universe you put him, he will come out physically unscathed, most likely walking on a mountain of corpses. Due to his relation with destiny he is human equivalent of unbreakable shield, not always will he win (in fact he rarely actually wins) but he can never truly lose, no matter how many friends he loses, people he sees killed and cities destroyed, he himself will not break. If you throw him into battle royale between all mechs in existence he most certainly will be the last man standing. On top of all of this, he is experienced soldier with godly reflexes and ability to plan ahead of time. Reason why machine doesn’t matter is because he changes mechs more often than other protagonists change socks, so honestly no matter what you give him, he will manage (even if multiverse ceases to be).
VF-19 Excalibur Custom (Nekki Basara) – Macross 7 – Another case of pilot factor being ludicrous, but not to the extent of Chirico, and while mech was irrelevant in the first case, here it actually serves a purpose of amplifying pilot factor. Basara is what’s called “Anima Spiritia”, which translates to being person capable of channeling near unlimited life force to influence other people and, because it’s Macross, it means beating people by singing at them. Just so you know what kind of influence I am talking about – this man was able to permanently change the very nature of a species. Twist? We are talking about the species of sociopathic vampiric eldritch horrors from beyond known reality. He is walking embodiment of contagious pacifism. I know I have lost all creditability at this point, but Basara deserves spot here for simple reason – nobody can beat him. I mean, think about it, we are talking about a person who (through basically brute forcing) was able to find good in completely unredeemable pure evil characters and make them unable to fight him. No matter if his enemies have even a shred of humanity, they have basically lost by being unable to continue fighting. To top it all off, he was making pretty sick maneuvers in his valkyrie through the series, so he should be able to just dodge the shit out of most things people can throw at him. The only reason Basara is below Chirico is because he doesn’t have the entire “ultimate survivor shtick” and can actually be hurt.
S : Multiversal Horrors – single universe is nothing more than a sandbox to these competitors.
Elder God Demonbane (Kurou Daijuuji, Al Azif) – Kishin Hishou Demonbane – destroys multiverse, kills Azatoth, uses universes as shield, has sentient Necronomicon as sub-pilot, yada yada yada. Yes Demonbane is absurdly strong. No, Demonbane can’t defeat Getter Emperor, because (with its multiversal control) Getter would need to allow Demonbane to come to be. Not to mention that with this fight you basically give Getter everything it ever wanted. Main goal of Getter Emperor in its multiversal control and creation of universes is reaching perfection through constant fighting and evolution. You basically give Getter the perfect opponent it hungers for. If Getter can ever reach perfection with its evolution through combat – it’s in this fight and once perfection is reached, well, there is no point in anything existing. With Emperor reaching perfection entire multiverse would collapse, everything would cease to be and Getter would be victorious in its goal. Oh, and there is a chance that Getter Emperor tries to straight up devour and assimilate Demonbane, in which case we reach the same conclusion.
Mazinger Zero (Kabuto Koji) – Mazinger Zero – in a way Mazinger Zero is miniature Getter Emperor. It operates on multiversal scale, can regenerate any damage instantly, absorb any form energy, boost its own powerful on a whim, predict future, transform any part of body at will and, to top it all of it, Zero has “Causality Weapon”. This weapon basically means that Zero can look through all the possible solutions of a problem, even ones from alternate realities, use solution it sees fit, and pick a route in which it will win. If chance of success is greater than zero, it will just win. Can potentially outmuscle Demonbane with its shenanigans, although this fight would be so utterly bizarre I prefer to just stick to the fact Demonbane has more firepower. In this case pilot factor is actually only weakness. You see, Mazinger Zero requires Kabuto Koji in order to work, but at the same time Zero is malicious destructive entity that directly opposes Koji’s heroism. The state in which Zero operates at its fullest is when Koji is under complete submission, his mind is devoured and body assimilated, but getting to this point is rather problematic and there are certain opponents that could potentially tear apart this connection.
A : Universal Forces – reality can be whatever they want, although it may take multiple steps to change its nature.
Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Simon and crew) – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movie 2 – Has unlimited power, pilots completing it perfectly, but it can operate in single universe and its pocket dimensions. It also doesn’t have smoothest path to its power peak. It requires specific machines to grow bigger and on top of that an assload of additional power, unlike natural evolution (Getter Emperor) or being ready to go by flipping certain switches from the very start (Mazinger Zero). It will stomp on most opponents, but things at the top are both more reliable and more absurd.
RahXephon (Ayato Kamina) – RahXephon – It’s very durable, hits hard, can create shockwaves annilating everything in its way and use energy blasts. The reason RahXephon is all the way here is due to single ability – to rewrite history in a way pilot sees fit and knowing how Ayato is fundamentally a good person hating conflict – his opponent would most likely not exist, or live their life happily in a way that doesn’t lead to confrontation.
B+ : Space Sweepers – machines capable of spreading destruction through vast areas of space (simply being able to travel through space doesn’t grant this rank).
Diebuster (Nono) – Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster – Oh boy, where to start with this one. Insane size, insane speed, insane raw power, ability to create micro black holes, shreds timespace, defies reality. Nono didn’t really have a toughest fight, so it’s hard to define the exact extent of her abilities. Also extent of powers Controller has are unclear. Potentially (and likely) should be higher on the tier list.
Ideon (pilot is irrelevant) – Space Runaway Ideon – the original “overpowered guy” in mecha genre. It’s insanely durable, has near unlimited power source, can annihilate entire fleets with laser massacre, uses micro black hole as weapon, can destroy planets from galaxy away and cleanse universe of complex life. On top of all of it, Ideon can be autonomous on a whim and it possesses its own goals and motivations. If pissed will self-destruct and destroy all complex life in blink of an eye.
B : Civilization enders – machines from this tier would be able to end entirety of human civilization in one fell swoop.
Dark History Turn A Gundam (Newtype pilot required) – Gundam franchise – So you know how every Gundam has some sort of cool gimmick? Psychoframes, nanomachines, regeneration, crystallization, warping through spacetime and so on? Now put all of these gimmicks in single Gundam, that’s basically what power of Turn A is. We never see true extent of its abilities in anime form, because Lauran was not a Newtype so he couldn’t unlock its power. Turn A’s most destructive weapon is Moonlight Butterfly, which can destroy everything humanity has been working towards in very short span of time through planet-wide disintegration (can go all the way up to solar system scale destruction).
Fully developed Devil Gundam (criteria for the pilot aren’t clear) – Mobile Fighter G Gundam – machinery swiftly covering entirety of Earth. Also it has ability to self-modify and self-repair, while being fully automated. To defeat it you either need to be able to destroy planets or defeat it before it reaches its full potential. It’s here just due to sheer scale it can achieve.
B-: Heavy Hitters – tier contains pinnacle of mecha combat and destructive close range power. Practically all of them can take on certain enemies from higher tiers and probably win. They follow the same principles, insanely durable, huge destructive power output and amazing pilots, so we’ll skim over these.
Genesic GaoGaiGar (Guy Shishiou) – Gaogaigar Final – Probably the heaviest hitter in this category, will most likely wreck both Turn A and Ideon if it gets in “meele” range. Has a plethora of flashy destructive powers, also has “Precursors’ chosen one” buff.
Bellcross (Age) – Heroic Age – Can create powerful shockwaves, moves at ftl speed, drains life force out enemies in unspecified area, can use hyper beam with its mouth, survives explosion of freaking Jupiter at point blank range, also has “Precursors’ chosen one” buff. Can be potentially way freaking higher on the list but it didn’t have truly tough opponent to compete against so we don’t really see its absolute peak.
Mazin Emperor G (Tetsuya Tsurugi) – Super Robot Wars – using Super Robot Wars franchise is something I tried not to do. However, if we are putting Tetsuya on the tier list, might as well give him his strongest machine. Attacks are less flashy than Gaogaigar’s but seem equally effective.
Mazinkaiser SKL (Ken Kaido, Ryo Magami) – Mazinkaiser SKL – least flashy of the four. Can go way higher on the tier list due to pilot factor if theories are correct and these 2 are actually Amon and Satan from Devilman. Other than, it’s “just” Mazinkaiser with its durability and raw power.
C : “Reachers” – machines from this tier are able to threaten vast areas at once (either through huge area of attacks, ridiculous speed or some sort of teleportation) on top of possessing destructive power, but still are severely limited by certain factors.
ELS Qan-T Gundam (Setsuna F. Seiei) – Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer – Can instantly teleport across universe, defies spacetime, has superspeed, can self-repair, is borderline immortal, oh and is perfectly synchronized with alien hivemind made out living metal. Honestly only reason it’s not higher is because it lacks destructive output as it mostly cuts enemies to pieces.
RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Banagher Links) – Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn – can manipulate spacetime in order to revert complicated machinery back into most basic materials. Is loaded with psychoframe, which basically lets it defy reality to a certain extent and has a wide arsenal of conventional weapons (but lacks built-in destructive power). Banagher as Newtype pilot enables these shenanigans and on top of that has heightened senses and typical Newtype shenanigans ranging from telepathy to whatever writers need at the moment.
Gunbuster (Noriko Takaya, Kazumi Amano) – Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster – I was really conflicted where on the tier list I should put Gunbuster, but ultimately its lack of durability (without Buster Shield deployed) in comparition to the rest of the participants higher up is counterweight to its destructive power. It doesn’t matter how much you can blow up if you can be just cut in half.
Strelizia True Apus (Hiro, Zero Two)– Darling in the Franxx – once again we have a problem of supercharged unit lacking tough fight to truly determine its strength. It can destroy entire fleets, but so can everything else above it. It can move at incredible speed, but so can many others. It is really durable, but so is a huge chunk of competitors. It can be higher on the list, it can be lower on the list. There is nothing making True Apus stick out in this contest (outside of having breasts).
D : Destroyers – mechs of this category have destructive prowess but are limited by certain factors making them unable to create widespread destruction. Unmentioned Super Robots (assuming they pack a punch) probably fall into this category as there are too many of them to talk about.
Zeorymer (Masato Akitsu, Miku Himuro) – Hades Project Zeorymer – speed, teleportation, huge destructive power output, ability to regenerate itself and unlimited source of power. Its main weakness is that it requires time to channel its ranged attack.
EM-CBX007 Villkiss ; Final Battle Variant (Ange) – Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon – good deal of speed, meele prowess, ranged destructive power, pilot is a sociopath with aggression issues. Really dangerous combo.
Evangelion Unit-01 (Shinji Ikari) – The End of Evangelion – outside of its world ending gimmick Eva is fundamentally a brawler, but does brawling part much worse than its potential opponents. In essence Eva relies on brutal force and lacks tactics or diverse arsenal to match other brawlers who rely on brute force and other things. Also Shinji really screws up many match-ups due to getting scared to death.
G-Lucifer (pilot is irrelevant) – Gundam Reconguista in G – it’s on the list only because it has baby version of Moonlight Butterfly (for description look at Turn A Gundam). Its accessibility only makes it better as it can be piloted by basically anyone.
Gundam Double X (Garrod Ran) – After War Gundam X – Bare minimum of destructive power needed to get on this tier list. On top of what you would typically expect from a Gundam, this one possesses cannons capable of destruction comparable to nukes. Competent in melee range, but its main gimmick is why it’s even here.
E: Insignificant – Everything weaker than weakest machines mentioned on the tier list.
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2019.03.04 15:28 babydave371 The Great OAV Watch Episode 73: One Pound Gospel

For those of you who don't know, this is my ongoing project to watch and write about all the OAVs on my plan to watch list. This is a very very very long list, it has been over 1 year already! Anyway, I have a twin score rating system. The standard 1-10 is how good I think a show is while the letter score is how much I enjoyed it, whether that is in the way the show intended or not. The letter gradings are as follows:
Let's go!
Seeing that an anime is based off of a work by a famous author is usually exciting, especially when the director is an all-timer in their own right. Sadly these anime can sometimes be a let down and that is what we have here. One Pound Gospel is based off a manga by the legendary Rumiko Takahashi (InuYasha, Maison Ikkoku, Ramna 1/2, and Urusei Yatsura) and it was directed by Osamu Dezaki (albeit under a pseudonym) (Aim for the Ace, Ashita no Joe, and The Rose of Versailles). That should be a match made in heaven but thing just didn’t work out that way.
The story of One Pound Gospel follows boxer Kosaku Hatakana as he battles for the survival of his career. The dude loves food. He loves food so much that he has gone up several weight classes and still struggles to stay under the weight limit. Plus, he has issues with eating the night before, getting hit in the belly, and then vomiting all over the shop mid-bout. As such, he is on his last legs when we meet him. However, he meets a young nun, whom the subtitles are very keen to make sure we know hasn’t taken her vow yet, who inspires and encourages Kosaku to do better and to improve himself. This being a Rumiko Takahashi work inevitably Sister Angela and Kosaku start developing feelings for each other. While Kosaku is trying to improve himself, and failing badly, he accidentally punches a gold medal winning boxer in the face who is rightly a bit peeved at him and offers to fight him, giving Kosaku a last chance at his career.
This setup isn’t at all bad and allows for a nice mix of sports and romantic comedy tropes. The problems lie with the characters, specifically Kosaku. The dude just has no redeemable qualities to him whatsoever. He breaks pretty much every promise he makes, lies to friends, has no self-discipline, basically sexually assault Sister Angela at one point, and is just generally unlikeable. Yet for some reason everyone continues to support this guys and One Pound Gospel spoilers. I just can’t get behind him and with that the whole show is dragged down. I don’t mind flawed characters but there has to be something latch onto, usually a positive trait. For example, Char Azanble from Gundam may be a psychotic dick head but at least you can understand why he is that way and he is very charismatic, those are the viewer’s latching on points. Kosaku is just a fairly vanilla bloke with nothing redeeming about him.
This is a shame because, despite a obviously limited budget, Dezaki directed the hell out of this with his work on Ashita no Joe being obvious in the boxing scenes. It is however, his fault that he didn’t change the source material to make Kosaku more likeable, I am just assuming that Kosaku’s character is the same in the manga. Given Dezaki’s tendency to change up the source material it may actually be entirely his fault and I might be unfairly blaming Takahashi here.
In the end I just can’t recommend One Pound Gospel to people. It would be a decent work if Kosaku had any redeeming qualities, but he doesn’t so it isn’t. It really is a shame but this wouldn’t be the first time a single character ruined a show for me.
Final score: 4E
129 OAVs down!
Also, I have a blog version of this! I still haven't transferred everything across but I am working on it, really I promise I am. Please subscribe, share, and all that jazz!
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2018.11.16 18:37 rkgk13 Vintage Shoujo Anime Style Inspo (Part 2): "Aim for the Ace! / Ace wo Nerae!"

PART 1: I was really pleased by your kind response to the last old-school shoujo style guide (Oniisama e… / Brother Dear Brother), so I decided to make another one with a show I really enjoy: Ace Wo Nerae! / Aim for the Ace!
PART 2: Aim for the Ace! was originally a manga and then became a 1974 anime series. It became a cult hit among a wide range of age groups when it first debuted and has since had a reboot nearly every 10 years: a 1979 theatrical film (which is beautiful), a 1989-1990 direct-to-video series (which is more serious and adult-oriented), and a live-action TV drama in 2004 (which is as cheesy and delightful as the original). I predict that it’s due for another reboot soon.
Plot summary: The series tells the story of Hiromi Oka, a high school student who wants to become a professional tennis player. She struggles against lack of self-confidence, performance anxiety, and making the sacrifices required to answer the call to become a champion.


Aim for the Ace! Was made by many of the same creative team members as Oniisama e…, so you’ll note they look really similar. Even when the show had no budget (in the 1970s), you can still see the care and attention given to making it look compelling and beautiful. Pretty Yokohama landscapes, intense lighting conditions - no detail goes to waste. Aesthetic pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/FunkNendai/ace-wo-nerae-style-inspiration/aesthetic/
As for fashion - character designer Akio Sugino does an amazing job giving characters unique and modular wardrobes. I like that you can see how the style of the individual characters translates from the 1970s to the 1980s-1990s but has the same underlying traits.

The Inspo Boards

Hiromi is the protagonist of the series, a classic underdog - the “Cinderella of the Tennis World”. A scrawny 15-year-old who joins tennis to get closer to her idol/crush Reika, but soon discovers a secret love and aptitude for the sport. What she lacks in natural talent, she makes up for in drive and faith in her coach. Her narrative from the 1980s series is a really intense coming-of-age story, so it's fun to see her go from being a semi-bratty teenager to a mature young lady.
Style: In the 1970s series, she wears a lot of youthful, colorful styles of the decade. In the 90s series, she wears more tomboyish normcore outfits that are, in my opinion, pretty wearable today.
Keywords: Colorful, Youthful, Tomboyish, Active, Athletic, Utilitarian, Autumn Color Palette
Pinterest Board: https://www.pinterest.com/FunkNendai/ace-wo-nerae-style-inspiration/hiromi-oka/
Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/TDO2qQh

Hiromi’s best friend and sometimes-narrator of the show. Kind, strong, cheerful. Not a good tennis player - but an excellent friend. She's simple. She keeps Hiromi (and the show) grounded. No matter what insane tennis drama goes on, Maki is there to ask Hiromi if she remembered to eat (and joins her on a trip to get ramen, dim sum, or hamburgers)
Style: Colorful! Maki was usually in her school uniform in the 70s series which is a shame, because she would have been perfect for the wilder, more colorful styles.
Keywords: Colorful, Color Block, Casual, Clashing, Playful, Summer Vibes, High Saturation
Pinterest Board: https://www.pinterest.com/FunkNendai/ace-wo-nerae-style-inspiration/maki-aikawa/
Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/4XdohTO

Reika is Hiromi’s idol/crush in the first series. Eventually, they come to be peers and close friends. A marvel of the tennis world, Reika’s had an unbroken winning streak from childhood. She’s called by the nickname “Madame Butterfly” for her graceful and beautiful competitive style.
Style: She projects a "perfect", ladylike image through both her quiet personality and style. She's drawn in unfailingly femme, pastels, elegant designer clothes. Her style is very on-trend for the era and thus doesn’t make a really good direct translation to today like Hiromi’s. It seems to be influenced by the Kobe-Kei New Tora style (rich-girl vibes, Western designer clothing)
Keywords: Pastel, Polished, Elegant, Professional, Pale, Soft, Refined
Pinterest Board: https://www.pinterest.com/FunkNendai/ace-wo-nerae-style-inspiration/reika-ryuuzaki/
Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/Eqsk33J

Ranko is Reika’s biggest competition from a rival school. Both strong and headstrong, independent, with her own moral code. Goes from intimidating rival to cool big sis type over the course of Hiromi's story. She’s exceptionally tall and strong and has a looser tennis style, with her strength and size being the biggest asset.
Style: Personality-wise, Ranko is the foil to Reika, and so is her style. Dark, saturated, significantly more casual (but not sloppy). She's the kind of character that gives so few damns, she'll show up to a formal banquet in this outfit. I like that they drew her in long silhouettes that complement her tall frame (i.e., long coats with tall boots)
Keywords: Green, Practical, Cozy, Comfortable, Tall Girl Style, Winter Color Palette
Pinterest Board: https://www.pinterest.com/FunkNendai/ace-wo-nerae-style-inspiration/ranko-midorikawa/
Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/zVEG7Bc
My style personally is very similar to Hiromi's. What do you think? Would you dress like any of these fine characters?
Edit: I will cop to reposting because this post got downvoted to hell before anyone else saw it. Sorry if that's bad practice :(
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2018.06.09 14:54 babydave371 A shortish guide to mecha

Over the past year or so I have noticed a distinct lack of knowledge about mecha in this subreddit and in the wider community. I love me some giant robots and would, therefore, like to give people a better understanding of this important part of anime. THIS IS NOT A LIST OF SHOWS YOU SHOULD WATCH. Instead, this guide aims to give you a deeper level of knowledge about mecha. I’ll give you a timeline of the development of the genre, with important shows, and I’ll define some terms. I shall also do a bit of myth busting because people seem to believe some very bizarre things about mecha, this is not helped by certain anitubers pushing falsities. Let us begin then!

Definitions and Important Terms


This is mainly going to be about anime, of course manga and tokusatsu are hugely important early on so they are occasionally included.
Just be aware that this timeline doesn't cover everything, though if I've forgotten something major feel free to tell me as I'm not infallible.

Myths and Questions

Bandai-Sunrise’s cash cows have been Love Live and [email protected] not Gundam in recent years
NGE, TTGL, and Code Geass are so different from other mecha shows, that is why I like them and not other mecha
Mecha shows are always about war, and usually are in space
Neon Genesis Evangelion is a deconstruction of the mecha genre
Power of friendship is something I've seen people rag on in battle shounens, but some of the mecha anime I've seen use some form of the power of believing in yourself to get the mechs to work. Why is that such a prevalent trait (if it is actually prevalent) or at least where did that trope start? - Smartjedi
I have heard that the economy has much to do with when a mecha show is or was produced, because they are more expensive to animate. How do you feel about this statement, is there truth to it? - thecomicguybook
I'd like to see an explanation of why transformations are such a big deal - keeptrackoftime
I hope this was interesting/helpful to some of you and if you have any more questions then ask away!
For even more detail check out this report by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.
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2017.11.27 21:58 babydave371 The Great OAV Watch Week 44: Nightsong of Splendour and California Crisis: Gun Salvo

Hey guys, welcome to yet another week of my great OAV watch. This is my little project of watching all the OAVs on my PTW list...all 170+ of them.
Staff and Background
This little known OAV is based on an equally little known manga by Makiko Hirata, so little known that I only found out about it via this fansite. What is important about this OAV is that it is directed by Osamu Dezaki, aka maybe the greatest anime director ever. He is the man behind Aim for the Ace, Tomorrow’s Joe, the Black Jacks OVAs, and Brother, Dear Brother. Not everything he makes is great, or even good, but they are always interesting and he was always trying to push the medium.
I want to give a shout out to Iquix Subs for this one. IIRC there were some really shitting Hong Kong subs for this back in the VHS days but those have since been lost and we have been without English subtitles for this show ever since, I believe Arabic ones are available bizarrely. Iquix Subs have recently been working on this and are close to releasing the fansubs into the wild, well hopefully close anyway! But they were kind enough to give me their rough work in progress subs to watch this show with, which was nice. So big shout out to them for working on this kind of project as it is crazy that anything Dezaki had no subs!
Story and Characters
This show is a romance drama set in 1923 Tokyo. Many of you may know that that year heralded a certain event, that does play into the show, but it also was a year of love and bizarre decisions apparently. Akiko is a wealthy heiress who is engaged to a ‘boring’ but generally good guy, so unsurprisingly she is bored out of her mind. One day she and her maid, Sara, go into a rougher part of town where they encounter some thugs. They are saved from these goons by Taka (the one on the left) who is an up and coming Yakuza. Akiko falls desperately in love with him seemingly because he is so different from everything else she knows. So she hatches a plan. She knows Sara fancies her fiancé so she tries to hook them up leaving her free to go after Taka. Things don’t exactly work out and what we end up with is a bit of a mess of people randomly falling in love for no apparent reason as well as being dicks. Just take Akiko; she saw met Taka maybe 3 times in the whole show and yet she pined over him desperately the entire time. I mean, he wasn’t even nice to her when they met! It doesn’t help that the ending is so open and anticlimactic. In fact it is kind of infuriating. Character A is in Shanghai waiting for character B. Character C knows character A is in Shanghai and meet character B, they then proceed to not tell B that A is in Shanghai and instead seemingly tries to get it on with B despite never showing all that much interest in them! Nothing is fucking resolved and characters act like dicks!
This is a shame because that first episode is really strong and sets up the characters well but as it goes along it seems like the author didn’t know where the story was going and so things just happen. The show still manages to have some really emotionally gripping moments though so I do think it is worth watching. Though, the show is quite slow at times, despite moving super quick at others, so if that isn’t your thing then you’d best avoid this.
Audio and Visuals
The visuals on this thing, even on what I believe to be a VHS rip, are beautiful. As always, Dezaki’s partner in crime Akio Sugino created some wonderful character designs that really shine with personality. In addition, Dezaki’s brilliant visual direction made the story easy and engaging to follow even with rough subs, I didn’t really need subs at all except for some of the finer details. The animation wasn’t the greatest ever but the show didn’t demand it and when great animation was needed the show brought it’s a game. On the audio front, I thought the voice acting was pretty good all around. The VAs all played right into that slight (or not so slight at times) melodrama that Dezaki loves and there were some fantastic passionate deliveries at times. What was a disappointment was the music. All the tracks were actually really good, with the main theme perfectly capturing the feel of the show. Unfortunately, there seemed to be all of about 3 pices and so you were sick to death of them by the second episode.
Nightsong of Splendour is a disappointment but I do think it is still watching. The characters are kind of a mess in terms of their decisions and actions but despite that I was still compelled to follow them and see how everything would play out. Sadly, that ending left a bitter taste and so I can’t say that this show is good. It is still worth watching to see Dezaki’s masterful directing but even he can’t make these characters make sense.
Staff and Background
California Crisis is, as far as I know, an original work by Mizuho Nishikubo who has had a long and varied career. He was an episode director on The Rose of Versailles whilst also directing Video Girl Ai, Giovanni’s Island, Otogizoushi, and The Mysterious Cities of Gold. He also directed a ton of meh to crap stuff too, but you’ll likely not have heard of it so I won’t bother mentioning them. Overall he does seem like a decent director when he is given a chance, though considering this show maybe he needs some restraint.
California Crisis doesn’t really have a story if we are going to be honest. You could say that it starts with a deadbeat named Noera (which seems to come from the Tomino school of randomly bashing a keyboard to come up with character names) getting drunk in his mate’s bar in San Diego where he hears an odd noise. The next morning he is driving to LA for job when he and a girl named Marcia get rammed off the road by a truck that is being chased by people in 4x4s with bazookas. Somehow Noera’s car survives falling off a cliff so he manages to run away and he lets Marcia tag along. It turns out that Marcia has stolen a weird orb from the back of the truck in the two seconds between them hitting the ground and them running away. The US military and the Soviets (though I’m not sure we actually ever see them) then chase our duo all the way to Death Valley. Why Death Valley? Because Marcia and Noera touched the orb in a diner and had a mysterious vision of Death Valley, after which Marcia declared it was the American Dream and they must go to Death Valley. That is the plot of the OAV, can you see why I said it doesn’t matter? That setup is pretty much the first 5-10 minutes while the rest is the chase to Death Valley. Though spoilers So yeah, if we aren’t here for the plot are we here for the characters? Ummmmmmmm no. Noera is an alcoholic tsundere whilst Marcia just loves her orb, there isn’t much else there. So why are we here? Because this shit is nuts and looks insane!
California Crisis is clearly the result of someone having watched a ton of movies and music videos and then trying to create a production around that idea of LA that they had from these. It is stuffed to the gunwales with pop culture stuff, like a Hardrock Café, and other general California stuff, like big cars and the geography. If anything, they really should have ditched the chase stuff and the plot and instead have made this a long music video full of stuff they thought was cool. This show is quite enjoyable if you watch it in that way but imagine if they had made the whole show like this!
I suppose this is as good a time as any to talk about the visuals. First off, the animation is really bad. It is super choppy and a lot of the time the backgrounds feature little to no detail. There are a few nice cuts and the above sequence is fairly smooth but overall it is quite poor. On the other hand, the art design is something I quite like. Nothing, and I mean nothing, looks like California crisis. Those character designs are super cool, though Marcia isn’t the prettiest design to be honest, with their heavy shading and defined lines. I just love when stuff looks so different and so out there, it is just so freaking cool! In addition, all the neon and night scenes perfectly capture that 80s idea of LA as a glamorous but slightly dangerous party town. These visuals ar helped by a dope OST done by none other than the great Miho, because if you want your show to be cool in the 80s you get Miho to sing some songs for it. The soundtrack is genuinely top tier and is just a great little listen.
So yeah, that was less a review and more just rambling about California Crisis, the show is so bizarre that it is hard to talk about it normally. It certainly isn’t good and if you go into it trying to watch it as a show then you are going to be bored stuff. But what it is great for is to throw on as some background noise that you look at every once in a while because the visuals and the sound are totally worth it.
I totally recommend reading Justin Sevakis's thoughts on this show.
85 OAVs down!
Also, I have a blog version of this now! I haven't transferred everything across but I am working on it. Please subscribe, share, and all that jazz!
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2017.06.24 01:34 ozucon Favorite OPs

  1. Toradora OP2 - silky heart
  2. Gatchaman Crowds OP - Crowds
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP3 - Golden Time Lover
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP5 - Rain
  5. Monogatari Second Season OP3 - Mousou Express
  6. Bakemonogatari OP4 - Ren'ai Circulation
  7. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko OP - Os-Uchuujin
  8. Death Parade OP - Flyers
  9. Noragami OP - Goya no Machiawase
  10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP2 - Hologram
  11. Beck OP - Hit in the USA
  12. Kiznaiver OP - LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME
  13. Kill la Kill OP2 - ambiguous
  14. Yuri!!! on Ice OP - History Maker
  15. Nichijou OP1 - Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi
  16. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo OP - Kuchizuke Diamond
  17. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei OP - Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat
  18. Neon Genesis Evangelion OP - Zankokou na Tenshi no Thesis
  19. Kuragehime OP - Kono Dake no Hanashi
  20. Bakemonogatari OP3 - Ambivalent World
  21. Durarara!! OP2 - Complication
  22. Kuzu no Honkai OP - uso no Hibana
  23. Tsukimonogatari OP - Orange Mint
  24. Steins;Gate OP - Hacking to the Gate
  25. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009) OP - Super Driver
  26. Shoujo Kakumei Utena OP - Rinbu Revolution
  27. Sakamoto desu ga? OP - COOLEST
  28. Love Live! School Idol Project OP - Bokura wa Ima no Naka de
  29. Mawaru Penguindrum OP1 - Nornir
  30. Toradora OP1 - Pre-Parade
  31. Mob Psycho 100 OP - 99
  32. Sakamichi no Apollon OP - Sakamichi no Melody
  33. Space Dandy OP - Viva Namida
  34. Kill la Kill OP1 - Sirius
  35. BokuMachi OP - Re:Re:
  36. Nisemonogatari OP2 - marshmallow justice
  37. Kuuchuu Buranko OP - Upside Down
  38. ef: A Tale of Memories OP - euphoric fields
  39. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP1 - Again
  40. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP4 - Period
  41. No Game no Life OP - This game
  42. Sora no Woto OP - Hikari no Senritsu
  43. Ping Pong the Animation OP - Tada Hitori
  44. Psycho-Pass OP2 - Out of Control
  45. Owarimonogatari OP1 - decent black
  46. Bakemonogatari OP1 - staple stable
  47. Durarara!! OP1 - Uragiri no Yuuyake
  48. Nagi no Askuara OP2 - ebb and flow
  49. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu OP - Bouken Desho Desho?
  50. Serial Experiments Lain OP - Duvet
  51. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OP - Inner Universe
  52. Hanamonogatari OP - the last day of my adolescence
  53. Flip Flappers OP - Serendipity
  54. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP - Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai
  55. Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara OP - ROUGH DIAMONDS
  56. Uchuu Patrol Luluco OP - Cry Max do Heijitsu
  57. Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster OP - Groovin' Magic
  58. One Punch Man OP - THE HERO !!
  59. Katanagatari OP1 - Meiya Kadenrou
  60. Dimension W OP - Genesis
  61. Mawaru Penguindrum OP2 - Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere
  62. Gintama OP1 - Pray
  63. KonoSuba OP - fantastic dreamer
  64. Baccano OP - Guns & Roses
  65. Barakamon OP - Rashisa
  66. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou OP1 - Shiny Tale
  67. AnoHana OP - Aoi Shiori
  68. Psycho-Pass OP1 - abnormalize
  69. Baby Steps OP - Believe in Yourself
  70. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OP1 - Hikaru nara
  71. Occultic;Nine OP - Sensuu 3 no Nijou
  72. Mushishi OP - The Sore Feet Song
  73. Ookami to Koushinryou OP - Tabi no Tochuu
  74. Monogatari Second Season OP4 - white lies
  75. Hunter x Hunter (2011) OP - departure
  76. Shirobako OP1 - COLORFUL BOX
  77. Boku no Hero Academia OP - The Day
  78. Lucky Star OP - Motteke! Sailor Fuku
  79. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OP - Sorairo Days
  80. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun OP - Q&A Recital!
  81. Katanagatari OP2 - Katana to Saya
  82. ACCA OP - Shadow and Truth
  83. Owarimonogatari OP2 - mathemagics
  84. Owarimonogatari OP3 - Yuudachi Kouteishiki
Guilty Pleasure HMs:
Worth a mention but not actually a favorite:
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2017.05.28 21:30 babydave371 The Great OAV Watch Week 20: Golgo 13: Queen Bee

Hey guys, welcome to yet another week of my great OAV watch. This is my little project of watching all the OAVs on my PTW list...all 170+ of them. I've been having exams this week so only 1 show this time around, sorry.
Staff and Background
Queen Bee is an entry in the long running Golgo 13 franchise. Golgo 13 is the longest running manga ever, having been going since 1968, and it is still very popular. Surprisingly it hasn’t had that many adaptations. There have been 2 live action films, one in 1973 and one in 1977 (the 1977 version features the legend that is Sonny Chiba). There has also been one anime film, by the same team that made Queen Bee, and a TV series. Not many adaptions for one of the most popular characters of all time. The OVA was directed by Osamu Dezaki, who is arguably the best anime director of all time. He directed Aim for the Ace, Ashita no Joe, Black Jack, Nobody’s Boy Remi, The Space Adventure Cobra Movie, Rose of Versailles, and more. The man is a fucking powerhouse of anime directing. Working with him on this one is Akio Sugino, who worked as a character designer and animation director on a large number of Dezaki’s as well as Legend of the Galactic Heroes. This is a really stacked base to work off of, but does the OAV live up to expectations.
Story and Characters
The story of Queen Bee is exactly the same as any other Golgo story ever: Golgo is hired to kill someone and then goes about doing said hit. In this case his target is Sonia, aka Queen Bee. She is part of a South American rebel group who are smuggling drugs into the USA to fund themselves. Golgo is hired to kill her by an associate of politician who is running for president, with one of his major campaign focusses being a war on drugs. Unsurprisingly things aren’t exactly all that they seem to be. The plot isn’t great to be honest, you kinda get what is going on but they leave a lot for you to just assume. However, it was enough to get you through the show and at no point was I bored or uninterested. Golgo, as per usual, isn’t really a character. See the thing with Golgo 13 is that we know almost nothing about him despite the fact the manga has been going since 1968, hell we don’t even know his real name. A Golgo fan could tell exactly how Golgo would move through a building, where he’ll stand in a room, how he’ll react to a certain situation, etc. because Golgo is so thorough and so methodical in nature. However, a Golgo fan could never actually tell you what Golgo is thinking, what he likes, what he dislikes, his feelings, etc. This isn’t helped by the fact he has literally one facial expression for all activities, be it shagging hookers so well they pay him or blowing a dudes brain out. Despite how it sounds, it actually makes for quite an interesting character as one is always trying to figure him out. As with many Golgo stories, Golgo is not really the main character, Sonia is. Sonia is pretty interesting. You expect her to be one thing but then she is in many ways something totally different. I think it would have been better if she wasn’t having sex every 5 minutes (slight NSFW) but then it wouldn’t be Golgo 13, plus I think it did actually work with her character to a degree. But they made some very weird choices with her character in the latter stages of the show that I don't think worked. I should probably mention at this point that there are about 6 sex scenes in this show despite it only being 56 minutes long, there are 4 in the first 15 minutes alone! The rest of the cast were a bit meh to be honest. The politician dude was an alright character but in general there just wasn’t enough screen time for the rest of the cast.
Audio and Visuals
The visuals on this one are a bit weird. There is a lot of quite nice animation in it but a lot of the action feature repeated pans or bits of animation. This very much seems like a directorial choice rather than a ‘oh shit we ran of time so just repeat it’ choice. I’m not really sure it works and it was quite distracting at times. The general art style was really dope though and the animation itself was often of a high quality. The voice acting was all pretty good and the soundtrack was good too, I love the ED.
It is Golgo 13, if you like Golgo 13 then you’ll like this and if you don’t like Golgo 13 then you won’t. It is pulpy adult action full of sex and violence. Its narrative flaws, dodgey choices for Sonia, and the weird visual choices do keep my rating down on this one, but I still had a blast with it.
41 shows down!
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2017.03.19 03:14 Shad0wShayd3 Come watch some pretentious anime you fucks (Studio Gainax Rewatch)

Update/Schedule Thread: https://www.reddit.com/anime/comments/60phwm/were_gonna_watch_some_pretentious_anime_you_fucks/
Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Studio Gainax? Honestly, I don't give a shit if you have or haven't. But they've made some pretty damn good anime in their time, and I want to watch some of it. What I need to know, is do you fucks want to watch it with me?

We'll start with Neon Genesis Evangelion, the story of a lonely boy and his struggles with daily life, which I'm sure plenty of you can relate to. Obviously, we'll do an immediate follow up with End Of Evangelion because you haven't seen Evangelion until you've seen the End of Evangelion. It picks up at the End of Evangelion (no shit), where we focus on a few of the lonely boy's specific struggles, like strangulation and ejaculation.
We'll hop on over to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Since there's already an April rewatch planned for this series, we're just going to join them for their viewing of the TTGL movies, Gurren-hen and Lagann-hen. TTGL tells the story of a lonely boy and his struggles with the concept of "well how big can it be"?
Staying with this lighting fast pace, we'll follow up mecha and mecha with mecha and mecha. Gunbuster, is what happens when you give Anno a storyboard and he doesn't want to kill himself. It's the story of a lonely boy girl, and her struggles of living in the future of the late 80s. We'll follow up with it's sequel, Diebuster, which follows a different lonely girl and her struggles in the future of the future of the late 80s.
Now, we'll opt for le hidden gem, Magical☆Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. If you've heard of this, omedetou, if not, that's fine too. It's Anno, it's Imaishi, I think you're probably going to like it. It's the story of a lonely boy and his struggles in window shopping.
Staying off the beaten path, we'll watch His and Her Circumstances, a love story by none other than Hideaki Anno. Frankly, I think that's all I have to say on the matter too. You're already sold.
Next, we'll hit Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, a more well known title than our previous 2, which tells the story of a lonely boy, your run of the mill catholic priest, and two angels who have a job they're not very good at.
Finally, we'll do FLCL. Hopefully by the time this rolls around we'll have more info on the new season coming out this year, and maybe we'll even end up with excellent timing for a FLCL rewatch before its sequel. FLCL is the story of yet another lonely boy, and his struggles, particularly with his hardon.
With that out of the way, I'll refer back to my previous question.
Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Studio Gainax?
I thought not. It's not a story the normies would tell you. It's a weeb legend. Studio Gainax was an animation studio so powerful and so hype inducing, they could use animation to influence their staff to create... good anime. They had such a knowledge of animation, they could even keep the staff they cared about from being unemployed. Animation is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. But they became so powerful, the only thing they were afraid of was losing their power which, eventually of course, they did. Unfortunately, they taught their staff everything they knew. Their staff killed them in their sleep. Ironic.
Now you might be wondering. Where is that staff now?
Well that's where part two of the rewatch begins. From the ashes of Gainax rose Studio Trigger.
And that's where we begin again, with high impact sexual violence, Kill la Kill. We'll watch the series and the ova that followed, for this story of a lonely girl and her struggles with exhibitionism.
From there we'll blast through the Trigger shorts, with Inferno Copu, Ninja Slayer From Animation, and the animator expo short SEX and VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED, before hitting up Trigger's answer to the MCU Space Patrol Luluco.
And finally, finally, to end it all, we've got none other than the man, the myth, the legend, Hideaki Anno, with his Studio, Khara.
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
The epic, unfinished, retelling of Evangelion. Hopefully by the time we get here, 3.0+1.0 has a release date.
It begins with Eva, and it ends with Eva.
You don't have to watch it all. I realize I've just listed 16 or so anime that I'm proposing we watch, but as long as some of you, want to watch some of these, I think this is gonna be really fun. I'm thinking we do an episode a day, at least for the shows with a standard length. The last two episodes of Evangelion will be watched on the same day, each movie will be it's own day, and each of the Trigger shorts will be done in a day. We'll have a recap/break day after each big series, which means we'll be going to the August 4th or so. I'd also like something set up on the discord for this, for those that use it, but that's really up to the mods.
And that's all I got for ya.
Let's aim for the top, and get this thing going.
(Thread name courtesy of Voi)
Update 1:
SEX and VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED will be it's own Animator Expo day, with the inclusion of Me!Me!Me!, which Khara worked on. Besides those two, I'm open for suggestions on what to add, we'll probably do Girl as well, since it's a thing with Me!Me!Me!.
The Wings of Honnêamise has been added after the TTGL movies. Since we'll be piggybacking the TTGL rewatch, we don't need a break day after.
Otaku no Video has also been added as optional viewing after FLCL. A nice overview of Gainax before we kick-start our Trigger viewing.
Update 2:
Gainax's Daicon has been added to Otaku no Video day
Update 3:
The rewatch would start April 1st, since I'm stupid and didn't say that. >///<
Update 4:
Looks like we'll be adding Nadia, probably after TTGL
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2016.10.07 23:13 gusti123 Good at fighting? Extreme magical powers? Strategic mastermind? Maybe something completely else? Doesn't matter, they are OP, and I have got 100+ shows for you right here.

Update 3:

After a couple of people complaining about shows without an OP main character being in the Isekai category, I removed the shows that, to my knowledge, don't have such an MC. Please go ahead and tell me if you think one of the shows currently in that category don't fit.
Update 2: 200+ shows! The post is archived, but I can still edit it. Since you can't comment, feel free to message me if you have any suggestions.
Update 1: So, at this point, I have been adding all of the shows that people have been suggesting, and we've hit 150+! Thanks a ton, everyone!
Hey all, since this type of request seems to be the most common around here, I have been compiling a list of recommendations I have seen in such threads.
You might have already seen my list here floating around for the past while. Decided it would be a good idea to have it in one place, so when I decide to update it, it's easy to find the newest version.
Now, I haven't watched all of these shows, but I have seen most of them, so please feel free to ask if there is something you want to know.
OP MC - Just your standard overpowered people. As a general rule of thumb, these characters are the strongest characters in-universe, whether that means in a completely realistic setting, a fantasy world, or in space.
Strategic Mastermind - These guys are not necesairly OP in pure strength, but they make up for it with their little grey cells.
Not a Wimp - Not one of the strongest character in-universe, but they won't back down from a fight.
Battle Harem - The guy is OP(or just strong) and gains a harem, or is just surrounded by girls. Usually a LN adaption in a school setting.
Zero, but Hero - A trope where people think the MC is weak as shit, but he's actually OP as balls.
Isekai - *Takes place in a world other than our own, and the MCs go there. Can be a video game or a different dimension.
Sports - A lot of sports anime have MCs that'd fit in quite a few of these different categories. I've collected them here.
Gradually OP - The MC starts off relatively weak but gradually turns into an badass over the course of the series.
Sealed Powers - A trope where the MC is incredibly weak, but his true power is later unleashed, usually near a climax or end of an arc. Not the same as 'Zero, but Hero', it plays out completely differently
Different Kinds of OP - Who said OP meant you were good at fighting?
Honourable Mentions - These don't fit perfectly in any category, but should be mentioned anyways
Of course, if you have something you feel should be added to the list, feel free to post it in the comments!
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2016.09.17 21:04 babydave371 [WT!][Spoilers for lots of mecha shows] The big fat mecha-mmendation post.

-NOTE ON THE SPOILER TAG: I’ve tried to avoid spoilers in the text and in the links, the spoiler tag was just in case somebody cried spoiler about a show that I haven't seen or a scene I'd forgotten is slightly spoilery. I just wanted to be safe rather than sorry. However, I’m pretty sure that there are no real spoilers, so don't worry.
Hello and welcome to my big fat mecha-mendation guide! This is the sequel to my ‘Why you should take another stab at Mecha shows.’ from about a month back. Hopefully this will give those of you who have yet to really get into mecha shows a bit of help. Up first I’ll just list some must see shows and then afterwards I have a number of different sections for various different types of shows, with more detailed reviews of each show and why you should watch them.
The must see shows!
These are the shows that are important to mecha history and will give you a good starting point.
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Gundam 0079
-Do You Remember Love?
-Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
-The Vision of Escaflowne
-Space Runaway IDEON
-Giant Robo: The Animation
-Patlabor: The Early Days
Here are the sections so you can search
The Most Anime Anime that ever Animed
Eye porn
Now then, let's begin:
I want something Hype, a bit silly, and full of heart
This is split into two series each are 6 episodes long. So we’ll begin with Gunbuster.
Now for Diebuster
Conclusion – Watch GunbusteDiebuster if you want something with the madness of TTGL but with an emotional depth closer to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Gurren Lagann
You’ve all probably seen this but I I’ll try and convince you last holdouts.
Conclusion - TTGL is a really strong overall package and is perfect for those times you just wanna whip out the popcorn and watch some awesome.
Mobile Fighter G Gundam – dub advised (it is the perfect amount of camp for the show)
Conclusion - G Gundam is just a fun and wild ride with a ton of style. By the end you’ll be shouting the burning finger speech with Domon every time he does it, that should really tell you all you need to know about the show.
Macross 7
Conclusion - All this makes Macross 7 a bit like marmite; either you love it or you hate it. So give it a go and see if it is your kind of thing.
Yuusha-ou GaoGaiGar
Conclusion – Insanity, pure insane fun. There is definitely a reason why GaoGaiGar is sometimes called the King of Super Robot shows, with all the pros and cons that entails.
I Want Something Mature
Macross Plus – Dub advised (Brian Cranston!)
Conclusion – If Topgun with a love triangle and some AI, plus amazing visuals and audio, appeals to you then check it out.
Gundam 0080: War in the pocket – Dub advised (it is just a really solid dub with some great performances, shout out to the drunk woman on the phone!)
Conclusion – If you want a near perfect war story that is also a great entry point to Gundam then 0080 is the show for. Also, hamburgers!
Conclusion - Overall, Flag isn’t going to go down as an all-time great but it is a very solid and very adult show that everybody should give a shot. If nothing else, it is worth seeing for the visuals alone.
Blue submarine no-6 - Sub recommended (purely so you can understand what the fuck sharkman actually says)
Conclusion – A short series with an interesting story and art design but some wonky cg and some ill-fitting songs.
I want a thriller
Gundam 00 – Yes I know it may not fit precisely in as a thriller but I thought it the best fit.
Conclusion – 00 is a modern version of Wing that is better in almost every way. It does have some problems but is really worth a watch if that style of show is your thing. Plus, it actually has something to say!
Thanks to Hyoizaburo
Armour Hunter Mellowlink - Quick Hits: Dirty, action packed, the 80s, revenge, outside the mecha, short
Conclusion – Mellowlink is a simple revenge tale that gets the job done. It is gritty, dirty and totally badass. Basically Rambo fighting mechs with a huge gun.
Conclusion – RideBack is very different from other mecha shows with its mech and characters. It is a fun little show but it is lacking is a couple of places that really hold it back from being something special.
Thanks to: condoriano_ismyname
I Want the Most Anime Anime that ever Animed
Full Metal Panic – Dub advised (It is just great, apart from that one glasses girl, and is especially good for the fumoffu season.) - Quick Hits: Everything under the sun, long, funny, animation
Conclusion - So if you want a show stuffed with all the tropes that is somehow pretty great hit up Full Metal Panic!
Code Geass
Conclusion - Code Geass is a great thrill ride that is fairly clever in the first half and is fun but dumb in the second half. As long as you can just go with the second half’s absurdity then you’ll be golden.
I Want an Epic Space opera
Gundam 0079 + Universal Century Gundam main story
Conclusion – 0079 is one of the most influential anime of all time and it isn’t hard to see why. The show has a fantastic plot and some excellent characters. It also laid down the foundation of the real robot genre. You can watch 0079 in two different ways: the series or the movie trilogy. The series provides better character work and feels grand because it is a long show but it does feature some wonky animation, a bit of a rushed ending, and a middle that I felt was slow. The movie trilogy fixes pretty much all of these problems and is generally accepted as an equally good way of viewing the story, even if the pacing in the first film is a bit off. So go watch 0079, it is great!
Once you have finished 0079 you can move onto Zeta, ZZ, and Char’s Counterattack. I won’t go into detail here but these series/film are also great, though ZZ can be a bit hit or miss for people.
SDF Macross + Do You Remember Love?
Conclusion - Overall, both the series and the film are great, but weird, space operas. The film is most definitely the better of the two but really should be seen after the series to get the most out of it.
Continued in the comments
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2016.07.23 14:36 SaiyamanMS The Complete Soundtrack of Haruhi Suzumiya - Translated Tracklist

Disc 1
  1. SOS Brigade, Start Up! (SOS-dan Shidou!)
  2. Something is Odd (Nanika ga Okashii)
  3. Oi oi
  4. Melancholic Melancholy (Yuuutsu no Yuuutsu)
  5. The Mysterious
  6. Going Smoothly (Kouchou Kouchou)
  7. The Overbearing (The Gouin)
  8. The Furiously Magnificent Days (Gekiretsu de Karei naru Hibi)
  9. Winter's Footsteps (Fuyu no Ashiato)
  10. Let's Take it Easy (Yuruku Ikimashou)
  11. The Usual Scenery (Itsumo no Fuukei)
  12. A Certain Rainy Day (Aru Ame no Hi)
  13. Boredom (Unzari da)
  14. Tragic Heroine (Higeki no Heroine)
  15. Overflowing with Sadness (Kanashimi Afureru)
  16. A Small, yet Wonderful Happiness (Chiisakutemo Suteki na Shiawase)
  17. Haruhi's Feelings (Haruhi no Omoi)
  18. Mikuru's Heart (Mikuru no Kokoro)
  19. Nagato's Confession (Nagato no Kokuhaku)
  20. Mystery Time
  21. Celestials (Shinjin)
  22. Celestials -Guitar Ver- (Shinjin -Guitar Ver-)
  23. Closed Space (Heisa Kuukan)
  24. Comical Hustle
  25. Good Grief, oi oi (Yare Yare Oi Oi)
  26. Beep Boop Game Music (Piko Piko Game Music)
  27. Time for a Crash Course (Tokkun Arunomi)
  28. Baseball is a Part of Youth (Yakyuu wa Seishun no Sesshoku)
  29. Beach Vacation (Beach Vacances)
  30. Fear Sets In (Kyoufu no Hajimari)
  31. Camel Cricket (Kamadouma)
  32. The Great Detective's Conclusion (Meitantei ga Kaiketsu)
  33. Student Guitar Duo (Gakusei Guitar Duo)
  34. Shout Rock Band
  35. Wind Ensemble (Suisougaku Bu)
  36. It's an Adventure, Right? Preview Arrangement (Bouken Desho Desho? Yokoku Arrange)
Disc 2
  1. Invitation to the Unusual (Hinichijou he no Sasoi)
  2. The Truth About Ryoko Asakura (Asakura Ryouko no Shinjitu)
  3. Nagato vs. Asakura
  4. Growing Displeasure (Fuman Tsunotte)
  5. Honest Feelings (Sunao na Kimochi)
  6. Haruhi's Confession (Haruhi no Kokuhaku)
  7. Low Spirits (Shizunda Kokoro)
  8. The Void (Kyomuteki Kuukan)
  9. And So, The Usual Scenery (Soshite Itsumo no Fuukei)
  10. A Tranquil Shopping District (Nodoka na Shoutengai)
  11. YUKI Appears! (Yuki Toujou!)
  12. MIKURU Transforms! And Then Battle! (Mikuru Henshin! Soshite Sentou!)
  13. In a Pinch! (Pinchippoi!)
  14. Eyecatch
  15. MIKURU and ITSUKI's Heartwarming Cohabitation (Mikuru to Itsuki no Hodohodo no Dousei)
  16. YUKI and MIKURU's Psychological Warfare (Yuki to Mikuru no Shinrisen)
  17. The End (Daidanen)
  18. End Roll
Disc 3
  1. Beyond the Tanzaku (Tanzaku no Mukou ni)
  2. Unreaching Flower (Todokanai Hana)
  3. White Line March (Hakusen March)
  4. Meeting Nagato (Nagato no no Deai)
  5. Thinking About Today (Mono Omou Kyou konogoro)
  6. Nagato's 3 Years (Nagato no Sannenkan)
  7. In the Same Old Clubroom (Itsumo no Bushitsu de)
  8. Something is Odd Ver. 3 years (Nanika ga Okashii Ver. 3 years)
  9. Bamboo Leaf (Sasa no Ha)
  10. Begin Activities (Katsudou Kaishi)
  11. Public Pool (Shomin Pool)
  12. Meeting Time
  13. Summer Preparations (Natsu no Junbi)
  14. Bon Dance (Bon Odori)
  15. Enyoying the Festival (Matsuri no Tanoshimi)
  16. Making Memories (Omoide Tsukuri)
  17. Cicada Catching Contest (Semi Tori Kassen)
  18. Frog Suit Squad (Kigurumi Kaeru Tai)
  19. Astronomical Observation (Tentai Kansoku)
  20. Aim for a Home Run (Nerae, Home Run)
  21. Summer Days Go By (Sugiyuku Natsu no Hibi)
  22. Tea Time
  23. Summer Lethargy (Natsu no Kedarusa)
  24. Home Run
  25. Falling Puzzle Game (Ochiru Puzzle Game)
  26. Spiritual Discomfort (Kokoro no Iwakan)
  27. In Nagato's Heart (Nagato no Kokoro he)
  28. Supermarket Theme
  29. Uneasy Atmosphere (Fuan naru Kuuki Kan)
  30. Mysterious Music Box (Mysterious Orgel)
  31. Truth of the Loop (Loop no Shinjitsu)
  32. Because I'm an Observer (Yakume wa Kansoku dakara)
  33. Endless Moonlight (Endless naru Gekkou)
  34. Unescapable Swamp (Dasshutsu Fuka no Numachi)
  35. A Nightmarish Omen (Akumu no Yochou wo Kanjiru)
  36. Within Deja Vu (Deja Vu no Naka de)
  37. Uncertainty, Doubt and Bewilderment (Fuan to Giwaku to Tomadoi)
  38. Momentary Deja Vu (Deja Vu no Shunkan)
  39. Through the Eyes of an Observer (Kansokusha no Me ni Utsurumono)
  40. Ominous Feeling (Youchou no Sacchi)
  41. Abnormality Detected (Ihen no Hakken)
Disc 4
  1. Truth of the Abnormality (Ihen no Shoutai)
  2. A Heart That Should've Been Unchangable (Fuhen no Kokoro no Hazu datta)
  3. This is a High Schooler's Summer Vacation (Kore ga Koukousei no Natsuyasumi)
  4. Disturbed Minds (Kakimawasareru Nounai)
  5. Atmosphere of a Collapsing Mind (Kuzureru Nou no Funiki)
  6. A Cycle of Forgotten Memories (Tokeochiru Kioku Kairo)
  7. Meltdowner Mind
  8. One Thought Thousands of Times (Suusenkai Ijou no Shikou)
  9. The Desire to Scream and Brain Cells (Nakisakebu Kanjou to Nousaibou)
  10. The Relationship Between Cumulonimbus Clouds and Paper Planes (Nyuudougumo to Kami Hikouki no Kankei)
  11. Making Memories ~ Ver. Bossa~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Bossa~)
  12. Making Memories ~ Ver. Heartrending~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Setsunai~)
  13. Making Memories ~ Ver. Sorrow~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Kanashisa~)
  14. Making Memories ~ Ver. Music Box~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Orgel~)
  15. Making Memories ~ Ver. Desperation~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Yakekuso~)
  16. A Woman Who Walks Her Own Path (Waga Michi wo Iku Josei)
  17. Keep Pressing Onwards (Tsukisusumu node aru)
  18. A Time Filled With EXP (Keikenchi no Aru Jikantai)
  19. From a Corner of the Soul (Seishin no Sumi kara yattekuru)
  20. The Lingering Scent of Lost Memories (Toraerarenai Kioku no Nokoriga)
  21. A Parallel Universe Within Reality (Genjitsu no Naka no Isekai)
  22. A Fluidly Rewinding World (Ryuurei naru Makimodoshi Sekai)
  23. The Answer Hits Me (Maioriru Kaitou)
  24. A Happiness Found Within the Ordinary (Nichijou de aru koto no Shiawase wo)
  25. Playful March (Ofuzake March)
  26. It Ends But We Continue (Nuku Tsutsumo Susume)
  27. An Overbearing Girl With a Smile (Egao de Gouin ni Susumu Onna)
  28. It's Interesting Because it Requires Serious Thought (Shinken ni Nayamu Sugata koso Omoshiroi)
  29. A Calm Heart (Odayaka na Kokoro de Iyou)
  30. Fun is Only a Step Away (Tanoshii koto wa Sugu Tonari ni)
  31. Smiling with a Skipping Feeling (Skip Kibun no Egao)
  32. Playful March ~Side Story~ (Ofuzake March ~Bangaihen~)
  33. It's Interesting Because it Requires Serious Thought ~Side Story~ (Shinken ni Nayamu Sugata koso Omoshiroi ~Bangaihen~)
  34. Dissent Arises (Fukyouwaon no Hassei)
  35. This Looks Bad (Kore, Yabai zo)
  36. There's a Limit to Outrageousness (Boujakubujin ni mo hodo ga aru)
  37. The Sound of Nerves Snapping (Shinkeisaibou ga Chigireu Oto)
  38. A Wave of Anger (Ikari no Hadou)
  39. I Can't Endure This (Gaman Naranai)
  40. A Regretful Heart (Koukai no Kokoro)
  41. I See the Light (Mieta Koumei)
  42. The Changing Routine (Henka shisugi no Nichijou)
Disc 5
  1. It's an Adventure, Right? (Bouken Desho Desho?)
  2. Sunny Sunny Joy (Hare Hare Yukai)
  3. God knows
  4. Lost my music
  5. First Good-Bye
  6. The Legend of MIKURU's Love (Koi no Mikuru Densetsu)
  7. Wind Reading Ribbon (Kaze Yomi Ribbon)
  8. Welcome UNKNOWN
  9. The Ultimate Para Parade (Saikyou Pare Parade)
  10. Happiness of a Predestined Incident (Unmeiteki Jiken no Koufun)
  11. Super Driver
  12. Stop! (Tomare!)
submitted by SaiyamanMS to Haruhi [link] [comments]

2016.05.13 02:45 RGM89D Suggestion for High-Tier Side Armor & Autocannons

TL;DR - Make Composite armor in add-on kits degrade, Autocannons nerf traverse when damaging the engine, and buff ERA so it gives slightly more resistance against angled AP hits.
Above T6, you have infinite DPM AFVs that are both ineffective against MBTs in many cases and unforgiving against any other class, while Challenger is the only tank with enough side armor to play aggressively in high tier MBT. I don't think the traverse should be nerved until everything handles like low-tier WoT. So my suggestion:
submitted by RGM89D to ArmoredWarfare [link] [comments]

2016.04.21 05:00 Death_Empress HeAT of BaTtLE

mY nEWesT CreaTIOn, the HARVesTeR, WHaT PSychO So ineLEGAntly NaMed thE “MeAT ProCessOr,” wAS deSTROYeD, BUT nO MaTtEr. The teST had bEEN wORthwHIlE, i UNdeRStoOd MY crEAtIOn BeTteR. ANd, WHiLE tHe CAtTLE hAD Focused On KIllINg iT, mY aRmy HaD Gotten INtO poSITiON.
20 TaNks SMASHeD intO thE BUiLdINGs, KNoCKiNG THEm down, smaSHiNG thE dEfeNdErs IntO A PuLP. lookiNG thROUgH THeiR eyEs, i SAw THE TerRoR on tHE faceS OF tHE caTTlE As THEY met ThEIr dOoM. TheY fIrEd, uSELESsLy, INTO My HOrde. AS tHE BuIldInGS cAmE dOwn, thEy UsED ThEir grappLiNG HOoks tO RetreAt to oTHEr BuildINgs. somE mADe It. mOst dID nOt, fAlliNG TO The WiTchEs, MY ELitE, tHAT i hAD sEnT roAmiNG THRouGh thEiR HaLLS.
BehiND My TANKs CAme THe 88s, OpENINg FiRe witH theiR 4 MOutHs, SEnDING a HAIL oF ACiD-SOAkeD BONe And MEtaL at tHe remainiNG cAttLE As THEy tRIEd To REpOsITiON. EnTIrE sqUAds wERe cuT dOwn In seCoNds – a piTy, i WOUld hAVE likeD To HAVE conVerTeD THEM iNTO SUbJeCts.
50 cATtle CaMe PUshInG SoME SOrT Of DEviCe, A conTAInmENt UNIT OF sOrTS. reINFORCEmENTs. A bLuE LiGHT CoULD Be sEen cOMINg FRom it. DAnGER. i kNEw tHaT i Would loSe Much oF mY FORCeS if tHey StAYed – I OrDErEd thEM to pUlL BacK. thE 88s anD TANKS Were ToO sLOW, bUT the rUnNeRs And wiTcHes mIGht MaKe IT. aS FOR thE OtHeRS, The 88S opENED FiRE uPoN the sOLDierS, CutTiNG THEm DOWN, aNd CAUsING THe COntaInMENt uNiT TO CRACK. i cHanGED ThEIR TaRgET – DeSTroY THE cOnTAiNment UNIt, If it wAS a bOmb, DestroyiNG it eArLY WOuld EiTher nEUTRALiZe iT oR BloW IT UP eARLy, TakinG AS MaNY of the REMAINiNG CATtLE oUT AS it WOulD my sUBjECTS. aN aCcEpTAbLe lOsS…i HAd ThE AdVAntAGe OF nUMberS. uNFORtUNateLY, iT wasN’t A mERE bOMB.
THE ONe calLed psYcho poinTeD with THaT sWoRD oF HERS, AND The CoNTAinMenT cracKeD. FOR a briEF moment, A brigHT LIGHT bLossOMED out, anD tHen I saW HiM tHrOUGH MY suBJeCTS’ EyeS. A ChiLD. blUe EYeS and a SeRenE EXpRESsIon, he WAS UTtErLy unaFrAid. I kneW wHAT he Was…My foRCes In thaT arEA wERE LOST. I cAnceLEd the ReTReAT, oRdering aN aLL-out ATTaCK. DeSTroyIng ThE cHIlD WoULD dESTROY Their dEfENSES.
eVEry sinGLe SpITTEr aNd 88 Opened FiRE UpoN tHE Child WHILe the tANKS WAlked FOrwaRd, To GET iN RAnGE Of a cHarge. tHe BoLts PassEd thrOugH iT, SeemInGLY HarMlessLY, aND iN reTuRN ligHT SHOT out In The DIrectIOn OF ThE ATtacks, DeSTrOYiNg my SubJEcTS as tHeY fIReD UpON It. STILL, I kept uP THE aTTaCK – MAnY or aLL oF My ChilDReN wOulD diE, BUT tHiS woUlD tAkE a tOLl On HIM, ANd SOoN he WoulDN’t Be AblE TO FIGHt ANYmORE.
AS my TAnKs begaN thEIr charGE, PSYchO orDereD THE CatTLe UnDER HER commAnD TO OpEN FIRe AND coveR THE CHiLd. alMOsT IN ThE SAme MoMeNT, tHe ChiLD BEGan His aSsAuLt. LIgHtnINg pouReD out, inCiNEraTINg everythinG it TouchED. As tHE tANkS REacHeD THEIr targETS, they BEGAN THrEshInG THroUGH ThEm. THe CHILD TUrNED to shoOT At THeM, and iMmEDIAtEly HIT ThE FlAIL OF One of MY TaNKs. LiGhTNINg ARCeD FRom It, desTRoYiNG every ONe of mY suBJecTs and CatTLe wiTHiN 20 feet oF It. THE chIld scREamed anD Blew liGHTniNg aLl aRoUND HimSElF, sINking iNTo a CratER and DeSTRoying moSt oF HIS cLothInG. lIgHTnIng SplaShed EVerYWHERe, DESTroyING MOSt oF mY sUbJEcTS, BUt MUch wAs pUlleD tOwARdS ThE arMoRED CATtle, COOKINg TheM WHere thEy stoOd. pSYcho sWEPT in on a GraPpLe, AnD SPOKE To THe ChilD, WHo BEgAn rUNNing tOWArDS FaLleN poWer CabLes. mY NexT WaVe oF mORTar FiRe CAme, DesTrOYiNg My suBjeCts AS weLl AS CATTle, WHILE a LIGhtnINg StORM raGED iN The cItY.
unfoRTunateLy, iT WaS cUT shoRt. A BaTTLEShIP SteAmED IntO ThE harBor, shOotING At My MORTarS, DEsTRoYinG MAny. theY haD TO ChanGE TargET, shOOtIng ThE bATtLeShIP INSTEaD. It Was NOT as EfFECtivE aS i hAd HOPEd, SteEl PlATING iS hARd TO CHEW ThROugH. IT tuRNED To LeavE theIR RANGe, RETURnInG firE that dEStROyEd moRe AND morE oF theM.
STILL, aLl WaS NOT loSt. My SECoNd wavE Had BeEn COmINg THrOugh TheIR tUNnels aNd seWErS, aND BUrST oUT Of The GroUND OnCE The LiGHtNing sTorm sTOPpeD. THOUsanDS BEgAn poUrInG Out – ruNNERS, SPitTERS, WItchEs ANd tAnks.
fIre grEw TO MEEt them – They WeRe USiNG INcENdIaRy, EXPlosivE, AND aLL soRts of BULLetS agaInst me. a TraIn BElloWeD dOwN THE tRacKS, dESTrOyiNg doZenS OF MY subJecTS, And artilleRY fROm thE TrAIN bEGAn to Fire uPoN My soLdiERs. THrOugH iT alL, psYCho waS THere, WaVinG THaT RidicuLOUS Sword of hErs. but fOR EVeRY oNE Of MY SUbJectS destRoYEd, TWo tooK ITS plACE.
My TankS REACHED ThE eNGINE aND ATTACkED THE boILer At MY OrdERs. It ErUptED, DeStroyING my taNks aND lAunCHinG THE trAiN OfF ItS trAcKs. no loNGER ABLE To moVe, MY sUBJECtS sWArmEd The ArTiLlERy PlatForm. OUt Of thE eYEs of OnE of mY sUbJeCts AT tHe COrNerS of the batTle, oVeR The cuRsING, SCReaMinG, ANd EXPlOSIonS, I NOTiCEd ThaT the ELeCtrIc cHiLD Was rUnninG for a BrIdge. i COulD noT lEt HiM liVE, lET hIm reChArge AND FiGHT AgaIN. i sENt MY WitCH elitE AfTEr HIM.
As THe ChiLd Ran, HE wAS sCrEAMing, “why mE, why me, WHY Me?!” fOOl, YoU deStROy So MAny Of my SUBjecTS and eXpECt Me To IgNOrE yOu? aS THe wiTcHes bOrE DowN upOn him, hE pOINtED A fINgER aT my wiTcHeS, SeNdINg a BoLT of LIghTnIng AT EaCh of tHem. dAMn, I Had HoPEd he WAS Out Of jUIce. i TooK DIrECt ContRol of the nEAresT tANK anD SwUNG at thE bOy. I MiSsED, but i STRucK a hyDRaNt, aND HE Was sprAYED WItH WATeR.
THe CHILD FElL TO THE groUnd ScreAmING, DIScHArGiNg eleCTricitY. iT WENT DoWn THE WaTeR MAiN, ALL the WaY tO THe BAY…
aNd theN eVeRYTHInG ExPLODeD. mAnhoLe coVErs ExPlOded, THe tRAIn WaS THRown InTo THE Air lIkE a tOy, AND BUiLdinGs foR mIlEs ArOunD Were dEstrOYed. ThE cArNAGE WAS aLmoST tOtAl – EVErYBodY AnD eveRYTHINg WaS BeinG DeStroYeD, CattLe as well as my suBJEctS.
whEN The DuST FInally sETTlED, I Had A LoNe SPItTeR lEFt wITH oNlY OnE LEG. AS i lOOked thrOugh ITs EyES, I saW pSYCHo coME down aNd START TrYINg to slaP The chIld awAKE WhIlE screaming. I hAD tHE sPIttER HoP aLONG, geT inTO RanGE. It AImEd, ANd ToOk FirE.
ThE SHot bOUNCeD OFf the coNtainmENT FIEld, tHEN psYcHO was UPoN it, sLIciNg It In TWO wITH EaSe.
I Didn’T see MUch oF wHat SHe Did nEXT, bUt by thE TIme thE NEXt SectioN Of my HOrDE arrivEd to tHE aReA, sHe HAD sEt uP sEVeRal trAINS wITh mORTars, TAkInG ShotS aT ThE eDge. i Kept ThEm mOving BETwEeN THe reMaIning bUILdiNgs – nevER CHArgING, But clOsE ENoUgH To ATtract hER attentIon. I COuLdN’t AffOrd to have her GATHer heR thoUgHts AnD tHInK aBoUt ThE rEst OF tHE City.
As shE bUSIEd HeRSELF wiTH hoLDiNg oFf my dIStRaCTion, i MaRCHED A lARgeR fORce acRoss the bOtTOm Of thE riVEr, tO attacK PHilAdELPHIa fROm tHE east. MY iNiTiaL AtTAck hAd beeN TO Draw Their FIRe tO The WEsT. it HAD succeEded, aLbEit aT HeAVieR CosT tHAn I hopED. They WERe CLEArLy NoT EXPEcting It – foolisH catTLE, ThEY don’T SEEM tO ReAliZe thAt mY SuBjEctS don’t NeEd tO BReaThe.
wiTH eVeRYTHINg rEAdy, i LaUnched My ASSaUlt ON The neArLy UNdefENDed eASTErn portioN of THE city.
submitted by Death_Empress to Askasurvivor [link] [comments]

2016.01.23 06:53 EnduranceProtocol Top 100 anime over 1000 popularity

I posted a similar thread almost exactly one year ago, except I'd made the mistake of cluttering the list with many sequels. This time, this list excludes any anime from the top 1000 in popularity on MyAnimeList.net (rather than 500) as well as sequels, special episodes and tied-in movies so that only first seasons, in airing order, appear on the list. I did, however, try to take sequels into account when providing the episode count, though I probably regret this decision because there are a ton of series I know nothing about.
I've included the scores, popularity, episode count and starting years into a table so that you can browse the table however you want by clicking on the headers.
Even though I haven't watched it myself, I'm a little bit sad for Initial D being off this list since only the first season hardly makes it into the top 1000, so here's my nod the series. Also excuse my lack of knowledge of the Gundam and Macross universes, because I may have passed over series I thought were related.
Hit me up if I've made a mistake or forgotten a series!
Rank Score Name Popularity Episode Year
67 8.59 Space Battleship Yamato 2199 1273 26 2012
73 8.57 Cross Game 1040 50 2009
98 8.50 Romeo and the Black Brothers 2491 33 1995
110 8.48 The Beast Player Erin 1385 50 2009
118 8.46 Major 1266 158 2004
136 8.43 Rose of Versailles 1517 40 1979
144 8.41 The Tale of Princess Kaguya 1444 1 2013
149 8.41 When Marnie Was There 1420 1 2014
204 8.31 House of Small Cubes 1157 1 2008
213 8.30 Kaiba 1005 12 2008
243 8.26 Maison Ikkoku 1874 96 1986
255 8.25 Kingdom 1101 78 2012
260 8.25 The Boy and the Beast 2112 1 2015
262 8.24 Glass Mask (2005) 2160 51 2005
293 8.21 Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas 1293 26 2009
306 8.20 Kodomo no Omocha 1555 102 1996
310 8.19 Ashita no Joe 2516 126 1970
312 8.19 Igano Kabamaru 3721 24 1983
318 8.20 Touch 2519 101 1985
322 8.18 Hanada Shounen-shi 3425 25 2002
333 8.17 Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin 2729 47 1986
334 8.17 Interstella5555 1488 1 2003
338 8.17 Future Boy Conan 2301 26 1978
346 8.16 Galaxy Warrior State Chronicle Rai 3808 52 1994
350 8.16 Big Windup! 1074 39 2007
364 8.15 There She Is!! 2413 5 2003
371 8.14 Hybrid Child 1947 4 2014
373 8.14 Kyou Kara Ore wa!! 3242 10 1992
375 8.14 Tekkon Kinkreet 1173 1 2006
380 8.13 Welcome to Irabu's Office 1252 11 2009
382 8.13 You Are Umasou 3470 1 2010
390 8.12 The Anthem of the Heart 2099 1 2015
410 8.11 Towards the Terra... 1278 24 2007
413 8.11 Yume-iro Pâtissière 1326 63 2009
415 8.10 The Dog of Flanders 3137 1 1997
428 8.09 Macross 1208 ? 1982
433 8.08 Baby and Me 3085 35 1996
434 8.08 Hyougemono 2872 39 2011
435 8.08 Magic Kaito 1691 12 2010
437 8.08 The Story of Saiunkoku 1021 78 2006
444 8.07 Kaleido Star 1177 54 2003
450 8.07 Takarajima 3826 26 1978
451 8.07 Yakitate!! Japan 1010 69 2004
460 8.05 From Up on Poppy Hill 1117 1 2011
462 8.05 Furiko 3239 1 2012
468 8.05 Mahjong Legend Akagi 1059 26 2005
486 8.03 Gundam Build Fighters 1515 50 2013
492 8.02 Giant Robo The Animation 2554 7 1992
501 8.01 Nobody's Girl 3504 23 1996
502 8.01 Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette 2888 52 2007
503 8.01 Daisy: A Hen into the Wild 5803 1 2011
505 8.01 Polar Bear's Café 1184 50 2012
507 8.00 City Hunter 2012 141 1987
512 8.00 Haré+Guu 1728 39 2001
522 8.00 Mazinger Edition Z 3030 26 2006
523 8.00 Gunbuster 1057 12 1988
533 7.99 Kindaichi Case Files 3032 173+ 1997
546 7.98 Fist of the North Star 1303 174+ 1984
548 7.98 The Irresponsible Captain Tylor 1987 36 1993
550 7.98 Astro Fighter Sunred 2497 52 2008
551 7.98 Who's Left Behind? 4486 1 1991
553 7.97 Baby Steps 1016 50 2014
565 7.97 Keroro Gunsou 1486 358 2004
573 7.97 King of Braves GaoGaiGar 2714 69+ 1997
576 7.95 Barefoot Gen 2204 2 1983
586 7.98 Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 1648 A 2016
601 7.95 House of Five Leaves 1288 12 2010
620 7.93 Boys Over Flowers 1553 51 1996
624 7.93 Sexy Commando Gaiden 3331 48 1998
629 7.92 In the Night of the Storm 2580 1 2005
635 7.92 Galaxy Express 999 2531 113+ 1978
637 7.92 Hanasakeru Seishounen 1295 39 2009
640 7.92 Nobody's Boy 3996 51 1977
643 7.92 Mobile Suit Gundam 1029 ? 1979
646 7.92 The Perfect World of Kai 1813 1 2007
651 7.92 My Daddy Long Legs 3595 40 1990
653 7.91 Black Jack 2418 85+ 1993
659 7.91 Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2317 50+ 1978
661 7.90 Heartcatch Precure 2494 49 2010
667 7.90 Mind Game 1427 1 2004
671 7.90 Brother, Dear Brother 2704 39 1991
675 7.90 Detective School Q 2162 45 2003
682 7.89 Capeta 2844 52 2005
684 7.89 Giovanni's Island 2990 1 2014
693 7.89 Armored Trooper Votoms 2942 68+ 1983
716 7.87 Little Miss Mariko 3803 142+A 1990
726 7.87 Space Cobra Adventures 3340 50+ 1982
733 7.86 Crest of the Stars 1598 39 1999
740 7.85 Chi's Sweet Home 1304 208 2008
746 7.85 Cool-Headed Hoozuki 1132 13 2014
753 7.85 Memories 1329 3 1995
758 7.84 Daa! Daa! Daa! 2438 78 2000
762 7.84 This is the Police Station in Front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward 4080 373 1996
765 7.84 Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 1238 A 2015
775 7.83 Emma: A Victorian Romance 1778 24 2005
782 7.83 Nobugana Concerto 1816 10 2014
783 7.83 OverDrive 1549 26 2007
785 7.84 Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live 3924 51 2013
800 7.82 A Letter to Momo 1621 1 2011
807 7.81 Wandering Son 1023 12 2011
811 7.81 Princess Sara 3189 46 1985
submitted by EnduranceProtocol to anime [link] [comments]